What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Ending substance abuse and building a successful life requires an incredible amount of effort. People who are struggling with addiction can use all the help they can get to quit drug or alcohol use. A holistic drug rehab center in Washington can provide recovering addicts with the support they need to stay on track in recovery. The goal at a holistic drug rehab center in Washington is to use every resource and tool available to make it easier for a person to stay sober. In this article, we talk about holistic addiction treatment – what it is and how it can benefit people with substance use disorders. We also discuss what you should look for when choosing a holistic drug rehab center in Washington.

Treating The Whole Person

The term holistic refers to a “whole-person” approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Therefore, treatment at a holistic drug rehab center in Washington involves interventions that focus simultaneously on the body, mind, and soul for complete healing. The idea is to attend to all of the client’s individual needs – physical, emotional, and spiritual. This is in contrast to traditional addiction treatment centers in Washington that only treat the physical signs and symptoms of addiction.

A holistic drug rehab center in Washington typically offers a range of what are called complementary or alternative treatment methods. This includes things like acupuncture, acupressure, massage, yoga, Reiki, meditation, nutritional therapy, and biofeedback.

Staff at a holistic drug rehab treatment center in Washington are trained in these techniques and can support recovery in a variety of ways. Ultimately, the objective is to provide a calming and balancing influence on the recovering addict as they go through conventional therapies like medical detox and inpatient addiction treatment.

Benefits Of The Holistic Approach

If you or someone you love is battling substance abuse, a holistic drug rehab center in Washington can help you achieve and sustain sobriety. Some of the advantages of holistic addiction treatment over a treatment plan include:

  • Holistic techniques can reduce the physical withdrawal symptoms. For example, acupressure or massage can help with managing muscle aches and pains associated with withdrawal.
  • A holistic drug rehab center in Washington that offers meditation may help recovering addicts correct the emotional imbalance that sometimes leads to substance abuse.
  • The trained staff at a holistic drug rehab center in Washington can help individuals in recovery go through a 12-step program to make connections with a higher power and become spiritually grounded.
  • Nutrition therapy at a holistic drug rehab center in Washington can help correct unhealthy eating habits and improve physical health.

Types of Holistic Treatment Programs

The holistic label is applied to a wide range of alternative and complementary therapies. Holistic drug rehab centers in Washington offer a variety of addiction treatment programs, a few of which are described below.

Yoga: This is a set of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that originated in ancient India. Yoga involves specific poses, breathing techniques, and meditation principles to improve flexibility and reduce aches and pains, as well as calm the mind.

Tai-chi: A Chinese martial art that is often called “meditation in motion” because it consists of slow movements and deep breaths that are known to have significant emotional benefits.

Acupressure: This is an alternative therapy based on the principles of energy flow through “meridians” in the body. It involves placing physical pressure on specific points to cleanse the paths of energy flow.

There are many more holistic therapies available to help people in recovery, such as art therapy, dance or movement therapy, equine therapy, massage therapy, group therapy, and other recreational activities. If you would like to find out more about your treatment options, call Discover Recovery, a leading holistic drug rehab center in Washington.

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Is Holistic Rehab Effective?

Addiction is a complex disease and its successful treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach. While therapies like yoga, meditation, and acupressure which are typically offered at a holistic drug rehab center Washington can aid in recovery, they are not sufficient by themselves to help people overcome addiction. It is usually necessary to combine these therapies at a holistic drug rehab center Washington with conventional treatments like medical detox and residential treatment including behavioral therapies. The best rehabs in Washington have healthcare professionals who use holistic techniques in combination with traditional addiction treatment.

The treatments offered at a holistic drug rehab center Washington help make individuals in recovery more at ease with traditional drug rehab modalities like inpatient detox and residential treatment. As a result of the holistic techniques, recovering addicts can be more productive and engaged in their addiction treatment. Holistic modalities generally allow a person to cope better with the challenges of medical detox and residential addiction treatment.

If you look at research findings, there is not a great deal of scientific evidence to demonstrate the efficacy of treatments at a holistic drug rehab center in Washington. Firstly, not much research has been done on holistic techniques. Secondly, much of the research that has been done has been inconclusive. This makes holistic drug rehab center Washington therapies a controversial topic.

Nonetheless, even though conventional evidence-based treatments like inpatient detox and residential treatment have proven outcomes, there is no denying that treatment at a holistic recovery center in Washington can be extremely helpful to many recovering addicts in terms of overall well-being. For example, studies have shown that lower spirituality is associated with higher relapse rates. In other words, there is greater satisfaction with treatment and greater treatment retention when holistic approaches are used, which translates to better outcomes.

How Do I Know if Holistic Drug Rehab is Right for Me?

Recognizing the signs of substance abuse can sometimes be difficult, as those suffering from it might attempt to hide their struggle. In such cases, going for a holistic substance abuse treatment at a rehab center can help. If you notice symptoms such as anxiety, laziness, irritability, constant mood swings, declining mental health, or depression, then this is the route for you to take.

Sometimes, individuals can also hide their struggle with substance abuse due to a fear of social stigma. While they might try to address the issue by discussing it with their loved ones, it can be daunting to broach the subject as many value social acceptance and may fear being left out in the cold. It is necessary to give such individuals patient listening and build their trust in you as a first step. Once they feel confident about your understanding, encourage them to open up about why and how they got addicted in the first place. An open dialogue and unconditional support can go a long way in rehabilitating these individuals. However, this won’t be enough. To ensure a steady recovery process even after the treatment is over, the same non-judgmental attitude and good aftercare are necessary.

Choosing a Holistic Drug Rehab Center Washington

If you are searching for the best holistic drug rehab center Washington offers, there are certain things to keep in mind. Each individual battling addiction is unique. You should identify a drug addiction treatment facility that matches your rehab goals. For instance, if you suffer from depression along with alcohol addiction, a holistic drug rehab center in Washington that specializes in alcohol detox and offers treatment for depression will work best for you.

On the other hand, if you have become addicted to cocaine, an accredited holistic drug rehab center in Washington for cocaine addiction that offers complementary therapies like yoga and meditationbehavioral health can give you the best chance of long-term recovery. If you have a severe addiction, you will likely need the best inpatient treatment Washington State offers. On the other hand, if you have a mild addiction, an intensive outpatient drug rehab program may be effective for you. Choosing the right treatment plan, such as an outpatient treatment program or an inpatient program with partial hospitalization, is necessary for relapse prevention.

Discover Recovery is a leading holistic drug rehab center in Washington that offers multiple levels of care to meet the needs of each client. At Discover Recovery Center, we understand that your addiction is unique, which is why, in addition to our medical detox program and multidisciplinary residential drug rehab program, we take a holistic approach. Our focus is on helping you heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The goal is to have you emerge from our holistic drug rehab center in Washington physically and mentally stronger, with a strong sense of self-confidence, ready to embrace sober living and stay away from drug abuse and alcohol.

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