Insurance Verification

"It's expensive to go to rehab and I can't afford it."

Sound familiar? This is the sort of assumption that people make about alcoholism and drug rehabs. But as it turns out, many people actually have very little out-of-pocket costs since most private and government health insurance plans actually cover addiction treatment.

Substance abuse treatment is eligible to be covered by health insurance plans because of two pieces of recent legislation:

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Not sure if you're covered?We're happy to help

But health insurance is confusing. It’s often difficult to figure out what coverage you have versus what you don’t. Then there are different types of treatment, like medical detox versus residential care, which can affect things like coverage and coverage limits.

The difficulty of figuring out your health coverage for substance abuse treatment shouldn’t discourage someone from getting help. So we don’t mind contacting prospective clients’ insurance companies to help interpret or confirm their coverage and benefits.

How to Verify Your Insurance

We partner with many of the largest and most widely-used health insurance companies in the nation. That means when you enroll in a treatment program at our Washington drug rehab, the cost of treatment will be greatly reduced, alleviating the financial strain that’s often assumed to be an unavoidable consequence of seeking treatment.

These are some of the insurance providers that we partner with at Discover Recovery. However, we’re adding new partnerships all the time. If your provider isn’t shown below, or if you’d like to confirm coverage, we encourage you to speak with one of our intake coordinators who can do this for you.

Make an insurance verification request

If you’re still unsure about your health insurance plan’s coverage, then we can help.

The form below can be used to submit your contact information to our Intake Coordinators. Once you’ve submitted your information, an Intake Coordinator will give you a call back in a timely manner to collect information about your health insurance policy.

With this information, the Intake Coordinator will reach out to your provider to find out what level of substance abuse treatment coverage is included in your plan. Then you’ll get a callback.

It’s really that easy!

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