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Recognized as one of America’s Best Addiction Treatment Centers

Newsweek America's Best Addiction Treatment Center

Professionals Programs

While abstinence is certainly part of the recovery process, Discover Recovery Treatment Center provides luxury holistic treatment programs to help our clients overcome their addictions. This model of care is focused on healing all aspects of self, including the mind, body, and spirit.

Young Adult Program

Our Young Adult Program has much of what makes our Residential Program so effective, combined with an awareness of the particular needs and preferences that young adults may have when it comes to substance abuse treatment.
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Residential Program

Our dual diagnosis Residential Program is an inpatient-style program that provides ample time, space, and resources for you to become the best and healthiest version of yourself.

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Trauma Therapy Program

Our Trauma Therapy Program integrates mindfulness practices and body-centered therapies to help clients to stop being stuck in the traumatic past and to look toward the future with hope.

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Medical Detox Program

Our drug and alcohol Medical Detox Program will help you to overcome the physiological aspects of addiction so you can begin addressing the underlying factors that contribute to substance abuse disorder.

What our clients are saying

“Discover Recovery is a helping hand and a support in the storm. The staff is caring, supportive, as well as top-notch-professionals. Thank goodness there are people and places who care.”
– Debra O.
“Discover Recovery saved my life. I did two months of inpatient. Now I’m 6 months clean and starting college in March. My family trusts me again and my life is so much better.”
– Lisa G.

“What an amazing staff! Everyone was so kind and very thorough. They have a great program and a passion for actually getting people the help they deserve! Highly recommended!”

– Michael B.
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Why Choose Discover Recovery?

Discover Recovery Treatment Center is a nationally accredited facility dedicated to offering comprehensive, individualized care for substance abuse and dual diagnosis, focusing on treating the whole person, not just the addiction symptoms.

We are committed to elevating addiction treatment standards, creating an environment for emotional healing, and imbuing our clients with hope, meaning, and purpose. Our approach integrates scientifically-proven therapies, multidisciplinary techniques, and a holistic outlook to address the underlying issues of addiction, guiding clients towards finding direction and setting personal goals beyond sobriety.

Newsweek recognized Discover Recovery as one of America’s Best Addiction Treatment Centers

Newsweek has honored us as one of the Best Addiction Treatment Centers in America for several years, highlighting our commitment to excellence in the field.

Our Joint Commission, CARF Accreditations, and licensure through the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) affirms our dedication to the highest levels of safety and client care. Our evidence-based practices and compassionate approach ensure that each client receives personalized and effective support.

We are deeply committed to transforming lives and fostering lasting recovery, reflecting our unwavering dedication to every individual’s journey toward wellness.

Newsweek America's Best Addiction Treatment Center
CARF Accredited & The Joint Commission Quality Approval Badge
National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers Badge
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Dual Diagnosis

As noted, dual diagnosis is the occurrence of substance abuse and mental disorders together. Although these disorders frequently occur together, it is not necessary that one caused the other. It can be challenging to figure out what came first. For example, in one individual depression could lead to alcoholism, while in another person drug use could result in anxiety.  Both our luxury and young adult programs meet the challenges of dual diagnosis head on.

Luxury Drug Rehab Program

When a person uses drugs or alcohol for a prolonged period, they can experience a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms when they try to reduce or stop substance abuse. These symptoms are known as withdrawal symptoms.

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At Discover Recovery, we work with a wide variety of health insurance providers so those in need can get access to the treatment they need. That means you (or your loved one) won’t have to worry about covering the cost of treatment. Instead, all of your energy and focus can be spent where it’s really needed, which is on overcoming addiction.

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