Residential Program

Substance abuse treatment is most effective when the patient is in a safe, supervised environment, completely removed from triggers and temptation. This gives the patient the chance to focus on his or her recovery without fear or interference.

What is Residential Treatment?

When it comes to the modalities and techniques used, residential care is a lot like other types of rehabilitative treatment for addiction, including intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization. The key difference is that residential treatment is a form of inpatient care, meaning that patients reside on-site while completing the program.

Beyond the inpatient format, residential treatment relies on many of the same resources as other types of treatment, but oftentimes it’s in a more concentrated format. Since patients live on-site during the program, they often have more time to spend receiving treatment. This makes residential care a more intensive and, by extension, a more effective form of addiction treatment in most situations.

Who Needs Residential Treatment?

Although virtually anyone who suffers from addiction would benefit from residential treatment, the best use case for residential care is when someone is suffering from a severe or long-term addiction. Similarly, those who have received rounds of treatment in the past and were unsuccessful are prime candidates for a residential program.

Because it’s particularly effective at treating severe or long-term addictions, residential treatment often follows a Medical Detox Program, which helps to prime patients for recovery by addressing the physical and physiological aspects of chemical dependence.

For this reason, residential treatment is particularly valuable for people addicted to substances like:


(e.g. heroin, prescription painkillers, fentanyl)


(e.g. Xanax, Klonopin, Valium)


What Makes Our Program Unique?

Discover Recovery has made it a part of its mission to raise the bar in addiction treatment. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but rather, utilize tools and strategies associated with addiction treatment that have been proven to work.

In order for residential treatment to begin, a client must be cleared from detox status, meaning he or she is stable enough to begin the meaningful work associated with residential treatment.

The methods used by Discover Recovery are different in that we rely on Evidence Based practices, modalities of treatment and therapy that have been studied and proven to be efficacious in the treatment of substance use disorders. We recognize that residential treatment is just the first step in the seemingly life long process of recovery.

Residential Program

“Recovery is abstinence plus personal change”

 A colleague once stated, “Recovery is abstinence plus personal change,” and this idea possesses a tremendous amount of merit. Simply stopping use, unfortunately, is not enough. Some have theorized that the use of substances is a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself. Many people self medicate, and the use of drugs or alcohol is a form of coping with underlying emotional pain. This means that getting off of substances is truly the first step and a necessary condition to do the work associated with lasting change.

The Residential Program provides our clients with the support and resources they need to achieve stable, long-lasting sobriety.

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  2. Camas, Washington

15 to 40-bed co-ed inpatient program


30-90 days


Process groups, psychoeducation, and experiential therapies

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How it works

Because the addictive disorder is just one part of the problem, Discover Recovery has developed a robust clinical program to address the entire individual.


Each client works with both a counselor and a Masters level therapist. The focus of counseling work is to address the substance use disorder, and develop skills and tools to navigate high risk situations and triggers associated with use. The individual therapeutic work focuses on the underlying issues which may have contributed towards the development of an addictive disorder.

The counselor and therapist comprise a care team, and work cohesively to address each unique facet of the client.

Any picture of treatment that does not address the underlying emotional states or deeper clinical issues is problematic because eliminating the use of substances is just the beginning. Clients are seen weekly by both counselor and therapist.

Psychiatric Evaluation

In addition to the clinical services, each client also receives a psychiatric evaluation to identify if there are any co-occurring disorders that need to be addressed. Research suggests that many individuals who suffer from a substance use disorder may also have an underlying mental health diagnosis. The unfortunate reality is that, if the mental health piece is not addressed, there is a likelihood of returning to substance use as a means to treat the symptoms.

A Holistic Approach

Residential treatment is an intensive experience. Clients participate in group and individual therapeutic services seven days a week. Group topics are evidence based, and also borrow from experiential modalities of care. Discover Recovery utilizes a holistic approach towards the treatment of addictive disorders, meaning the focus of treatment is on the mind, body, spirit and emotional health of each client served.

Any picture of the recovery process that does not address these areas is incomplete. Group topics are designed to prepare clients for what comes next, equipping them with the tools necessary to regulate emotions and tolerate distress.

Residential Program

Evidence Based Practices

Much of the group material borrows from DBT (Dialectical Behavioral therapy), a modality of treatment that has been proven effective in the treatment of substance use disorders. Discover Recovery also utilizes mindfulness and meditation as an integral part of the group curriculum.

Process Groups

Process groups are held five days a week and provide a setting where clients can develop and refine their interpersonal effectiveness and learn from their community of peers and the collective work everyone is engaged in.

Become part of the Discover Recovery family

Beneath it all, the residential treatment setting is one of warmth, care and understanding. The goal of therapy, and possibly treatment, is to offer those we serve a corrective emotional experience, and it is the responsibility of Discover Recovery to provide this. Many individuals seeking help feel hopeless, broken, disenfranchised, and beaten down. The goal of residential treatment is to shift or correct some of these feelings and create and foster an environment of empowerment and momentum towards self-actualization. In short, it is our mission to instill hope.

The Discover Recovery Experience

The treatment experience is diverse and action oriented. Our goal is to foster a sense of community and comradery in a safe and judgment free environment. We want our clients to feel understood and cared for.

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Treating More Than Addiction

While in the Residential Program, clients work with our staff to identify and address the challenges in life beyond substance abuse. Through a number of evidence-based practices, we help clients overcome complex issues, including:

Inhibited mental status
Respiratory failure

Our Residential Program is a premiere behavioral health and addiction treatment program that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. Starting with the primary addiction and expanding to a wide variety of other issues, Discover Recovery helps each client develop a workable, actionable recovery plan. Throughout this process, the client learns the skills, acquires the tools, and receives the support needed to make that plan a reality.

Let our caring team help you experience lasting recovery and build a fulfilling life.

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our holistic program

Our Medical Detox Program

Our Medical Detox Program minimizes the discomfort of detoxification, priming you or your loved one for a strong start to recovery. The best way to think of detoxification is as a deep cleanse for the body.

Young Adult Program

This Program has much of what makes our Residential Program so effective, combined with an awareness of the particular needs and preferences that young adults may have when it comes to substance abuse treatment.

Aftercare Program

We work with patients as part of our Aftercare Program to develop individualized plans for continued support and treatment, reinforcing their sobriety as they return home to resume their lives.

Which Holistic Program is for you?

Recovery is more than just putting an end to alcohol or drug use. It’s a journey by which to undo the damage of habitual substance abuse, thereby restoring the body, mind, and soul to a state of lasting health.