Holistic Therapy Program

Holistic Therapy Program: A Proven Approach to Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, the most important thing for you to do is find an effective rehab program. One of your options is a holistic therapy program, which is a little bit different from conventional addiction treatment. In this article, we will help you learn more about holistic addiction treatment and why a holistic therapy program can be so effective in helping you achieve lasting sobriety.

Why is the meaning of “holistic”?

The word holistic refers to “the whole person.” It is a healthcare approach that focuses on both the patient’s physical needs as well as their psychological needs. The idea is to heal the mind, body, and soul and improve rehab outcomes. The goal is to prepare recovering addicts for a sober life. A holistic therapy program, therefore, does not merely treat a person’s addiction symptoms but rather addresses many of the underlying problems that led to addiction in the first place.

What is a holistic therapy program?

In the past few decades, many branches of medicine have increasingly incorporated various complementary and alternative approaches in addition to standard therapies to treat a wide range of ailments. A holistic therapy program is one that utilizes a variety of therapies, in addition to standard treatments, to give patients the best chance of cure or recovery.

In the context of substance abuse treatment, a holistic therapy program involves including complementary therapies in addition to evidence-based addiction treatments. Meaning, along with medical detox, medication management, and behavioral therapies, a wide range of alternative therapies are incorporated into the treatment plan. Studies show that such a comprehensive approach to drug rehab is more effective in helping people achieve lasting sobriety. In other words, a holistic therapy program can help improve the outcomes of conventional addiction treatment.

Types of holistic techniques

Various techniques are used during a holistic therapy program Washington to help people feel more at ease during recovery. These techniques are useful in coping with standard addiction treatments like medical detox. Some of the therapies used as part of a holistic therapy program are described below:

Massage therapy promotes detoxification by boosting circulation and helping the body expel toxic substances. Massage is often included as part of a holistic therapy program because it releases endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals that help people in recovery feel more like their old, sober selves. Also, massage can help relieve chronic pain, reduce stress, and promote restful sleep, all of which are beneficial during recovery. Massage therapy is especially useful for people with a prescription opioid addiction who are often fearful of using any type of medication for pain relief due to a risk of relapse.

Yoga is an ancient Indian discipline that involves breath control, meditation, and specific body poses and stretches that relieve stress and promote relaxation. For recovering addicts participating in a holistic therapy program that includes yoga, this practice can help restore mind-body balance, reduce withdrawal symptoms, and give a natural high that provides a sense of peace and tranquility. Yoga is a great way to learn to focus your mind on the present and cope with strong emotions. Through the practice of yoga, you can learn better self-control, which will help you in fighting off drug cravings in the future.

Acupuncture and acupressure have been used to treat substance abuse for decades. Acupuncture involves inserting very fine needles at specific points in the body and acupressure involves finger pressure at specific locations. These therapies may be included in a holistic therapy program for people addicted to a variety of drugs including cocaine, opioids and opiates, nicotine, alcohol, and other substances.

Biofeedback and neurofeedback therapies are useful in enhancing the outcomes of traditional addiction treatment. Sessions of biofeedback and neurofeedback as part of a holistic therapy program can help recovering addicts achieve long-term abstinence by teaching control of the body and mind.

Nutritional counseling and exercise therapy are commonly used during a holistic therapy program because diet and physical activity play a vital role in addiction recovery. The goal of these complementary and alternative therapies is to add structure to the day, create healthy habits, and reinforce a positive commitment to oneself. Exercise helps recovering addicts feel better physically and mentally and builds faith in their ability to replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones.

Are holistic addiction treatment programs effective?

Research has shown that satisfaction with addiction treatment is a strong motivator for people to remain in rehab. Studies have also shown that the longer a person stays in rehab, the greater the chances of success. Meaning, if a person remains in treatment and completes a rehab program, they are more likely to remain sober in the long-term. A holistic therapy program plays a key role in encouraging recovering addicts to stay in treatment by making recovery easier and smoother.

Holistic techniques provide a calming and balancing influence on individuals going through an extremely challenging time. A holistic therapy program may help reduce some of the physical symptoms of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. It may also help restore emotional balance and address some of the underlying issues that can lead to substance abuse. A holistic therapy program can provide spiritual grounding. It can also support addiction treatment by addressing unhealthy habits, such as lack of exercise or an unhealthy diet. Ultimately, the goal of a holistic therapy program is to help the person stay clean, achieve optimum health, and prepare for a fulfilling life in the community.

Discover Recovery Holistic Therapy Program

If you’ve struggled with a never-ending cycle of detox, rehab, and relapse, a holistic therapy program can help you break out of the vicious cycle and make the changes you need to live a fulfilling, drug-free life. Discover Recovery Treatment Center in Long Beach, Washington, offers a comprehensive holistic therapy program that focuses on mind-body awareness. Our program is designed to calm the mind and heal the soul of recovering addicts. We welcome you to experience our facilities that offer a peaceful and comfortable place for you to take care of your body and mind. Our goal is to give you the skills you need to deal with the feelings and emotions that can lead to relapses. If you think you or someone you love could benefit from Discover Recovery’s holistic therapy program, get in touch with us today.

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