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Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Center Washington

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Center Washington

Fentanyl overdose deaths in the United States continue to rise despite declining prescription rates, underlining the need for effective fentanyl addiction treatment. Many rehab centers in Washington State continue to see an increasing number of people seeking treatment for fentanyl abuse. In this article, we explain what is fentanyl, why residential treatment in Washington is necessary, and how you can recognize fentanyl abuse in a loved one. If you or a loved one has been prescribed fentanyl for pain relief, we discuss what you can do to use it safely and avoid the need for addiction treatment in Washington.

What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid drug that is used to treat moderate to severe pain. It belongs to a class of drugs called opiate narcotics that also contains the illegal drug heroin, the powerful pain reliever morphine, and prescription pain medications like oxycodone (Oxycontin) and hydrocodone (Vicodin).

Fentanyl is habit-forming and its misuse or abuse can quickly lead to addiction. It is worth noting that fentanyl is up to 100 times more powerful than morphine and has a high potential for abuse and addiction. Many people abuse fentanyl for its euphoric effects. It is available from street dealers under various names like China Girl, Apache, and Murder 8. If a person develops a dependence on the drug, fentanyl addiction treatment is necessary to stop drug use.

Rehab centers in Washington State offer various treatment programs for people who are abusing fentanyl. Outpatient and residential treatment Washington facilities can help fentanyl addicts stop using the drug. If you or a loved one needs treatment for fentanyl addiction, Discover Recovery fentanyl addiction treatment center Washington is a leading rehab center with a nationally accredited program. Keep reading to learn more about addiction treatment in Washington and how it can help you overcome fentanyl abuse.

Why is Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Necessary?

Fentanyl is a potent opioid drug that has a high risk of abuse and addiction. For this reason, the DEA has classified it as a Schedule II substance. Selling or giving away fentanyl is against the law. Illegal fentanyl comes to the US mainly from Mexico. It takes very little fentanyl to produce a quick, intense “high,” which makes it popular with opioid-addicted individuals. Drug dealers sometimes add fentanyl to heroin to make it more powerful. Continued abuse of fentanyl can lead to addiction and a host of negative health effects as well as the risk of overdose and death. Fentanyl addiction treatment is necessary to prevent the devastating consequences of fentanyl abuse.

At Discover Recovery, one of the leading rehab centers in Washington State, we realize that fentanyl addiction can wreck your life. We offer an effective residential treatment Washington program to help you stop fentanyl abuse and get your life back on track. Our addiction treatment Washington facility is located in scenic Long Beach, staffed by a highly experienced and compassionate team of professionals. We tailor our nationally-accredited program to your unique needs and work with you to address all the factors that have contributed to fentanyl abuse.

Symptoms of Fentanyl Addiction

Fentanyl belongs to the same class of drugs as heroin and can produce similar euphoric effects. Because fentanyl is so powerful, the risk of overdose is high, especially when drug users are unaware that fentanyl has been added to heroin as a cheap additive. Without timely fentanyl addiction treatment, abuse and misuse of this potent drug can result in a tragic loss of life due to overdose. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of fentanyl abuse is the first step in getting help at a residential treatment Washington rehab center. Listed below are some of the common symptoms of fentanyl addiction.

Physical signs of fentanyl abuse include slowed breathing, sedation, swelling of the hands and feet, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and fatigue.

Mental signs of fentanyl addiction include disorientation, confusion, lack of ability to focus, anxiety, and depression.

Behavioral symptoms of fentanyl abuse include secretive, erratic, or unusual behavior, risk-taking, avoiding friends and family, ignoring work and family responsibilities, and fixating on obtaining and using fentanyl despite negative consequences. If you notice these behaviors in a loved one, it is time to seek help at one of the top rehab centers in Washington State, such as Discover Recovery.

If you or someone you love has developed an addiction to fentanyl, do not despair. Discover Recovery, a top-rated addiction treatment Washington rehab facility, offers multidisciplinary care and a holistic inpatient program to help you overcome this challenge and make sobriety a reality.

Using Fentanyl Safely

Fentanyl is a prescription drug with legitimate medical uses. When used exactly as directed by a physician, it is a safe and effective medication. However, fentanyl is habit-forming when it is misused or abused. People who use fentanyl under a doctor’s prescription can become addicted to it if they don’t follow orders. If you or a loved one has been prescribed fentanyl, there are several things you can do to prevent addiction and the need for treatment at rehab centers in Washington State.

  • Do not take fentanyl at a higher dose or more often than prescribed.
  • Do not continue taking fentanyl after your doctor tells you to stop.
  • Do not change to a different fentanyl product without your doctor’s knowledge (it may contain a different amount of the drug).

It is also important to tell the prescribing physician about all the other medications you are taking. Some medications can interact with fentanyl and increase your risk of developing life-threatening and potentially fatal side effects.

If despite your best efforts you have developed an addiction to fentanyl, residential treatment Washington at Discover Recovery can help you overcome your dependence on the drug.

Addiction Treatment in Washington for Fentanyl Abuse

Fentanyl is an opioid drug that affects the structure and function of the brain. It produces its powerful effects by flooding the brain with a chemical called dopamine which is responsible for mediating pleasure and reward. With repeated use, an individual who is abusing fentanyl begins to crave the intense pleasure associated with its use. When fentanyl is withheld, the person experiences withdrawal symptoms. Also, there is the development of tolerance, where over time, the person requires more and more fentanyl to achieve the same effects. Such a person needs fentanyl addiction treatment.

Discover Recovery fentanyl addiction treatment center Washington is a leading rehab for people struggling with fentanyl abuse. We offer multiple levels of care through our residential treatment Washington program to address your drug abuse and psychosocial needs. The goal is to provide holistic care that addresses all the factors that contribute to drug addiction. Our medical detox addiction treatment in Washington is designed to help you overcome the psychological and physical dependence on fentanyl safely and comfortably. If you or a loved one needs fentanyl addiction treatment, do not delay seeking care at one of the best rehab centers Washington State offers.

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