Residential Program

Substance abuse treatment is most effective when the patient is in a safe, supervised environment, completely removed from triggers and temptation. This gives the patient the chance to focus on his or her recovery without fear or interference.

Our Residential Program does that and so much more. The goal of an inpatient-style program is to spend ample time imparting the tools and skills necessary for sustained recovery to those who have been suffering from addiction.

What is Residential Treatment?

When it comes to the modalities and techniques used, residential care is a lot like other types of rehabilitative treatment for addiction, including intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization. The key difference is that residential treatment is a form of inpatient care, meaning that patients reside on-site while completing the program.

Beyond the inpatient format, residential treatment relies on many of the same resources as other types of treatment, but oftentimes it’s in a more concentrated format. Since patients live on-site during the program, they often have more time to spend receiving treatment. This makes residential care a more intensive and, by extension, a more effective form of addiction treatment in most situations.

Residential Program

Who Needs Residential Treatment?

Although virtually anyone who suffers from addiction would benefit from residential treatment, the best use case for residential care is when someone is suffering from a severe or long-term addiction. Similarly, those who have received rounds of treatment in the past and were unsuccessful are prime candidates for a residential program.

Because it’s particularly effective at treating severe or long-term addictions, residential treatment often follows a Medical Detox Program, which helps to prime patients for recovery by addressing the physical and physiological aspects of chemical dependence. For this reason, residential treatment is particularly valuable for people addicted to substances like:

Our Residential Program

The Residential Program at Discover Recovery is a 40-bed co-ed inpatient program in Long Beach, Washington that typically lasts between 30 and 90 days. Comprised of process groups, psychoeducation, and experiential therapies, the Residential Program provides our clients with the support and resources they need to achieve stable, long-lasting sobriety.

This is where most of the magic of recovery happens. Built on a holistic model of addiction treatment, our Residential Program gives clients the chance to work with experienced certified therapists to better understand the root causes of addiction and develop actionable strategies for reducing the likelihood of relapse to zero.

One of the things that really makes our inpatient-style program unique is how we consider our clients to be part of the Discover Recovery family. Upon admission, each client will begin working with a staff team who will continue to be a vital resource throughout their residential treatment.

Together with their designated support team, each client develops a treatment plan — which includes setting goals and creating strategies to achieve them — both during and after your stay. It’s our goal to provide each client with the tools of recovery with which to build the life that he or she deserves.

Residential Treatments and Services

Residential Program

Process Group

In group sessions, clients learn a wide variety of valuable skills with which to sustain their sobriety.

Residential Program


Licensed clinicians help clients gain a better understanding of this disease in one-on-one and family counseling.

Residential Program

Experiential Therapies

Our clients learn valuable lessons about addiction, themselves, and the world through engaging activities.

Treating More Than Addiction

While in the Residential Program, clients work with our staff to identify and address the challenges in life beyond substance abuse. Through a number of evidence-based practices, we help clients overcome complex issues, including:




Inhibited mental status


Respiratory failure


Our Residential Program is a premiere behavioral health and addiction treatment program that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. Starting with the primary addiction and expanding to a wide variety of other issues, Discover Recovery helps each client develop a workable, actionable recovery plan. Throughout this process, the client learns the skills, acquires the tools, and receives the support needed to make that plan a reality.

Let our caring team help you experience lasting recovery and build a fulfilling life.

Residential Program

Addiction Treatment With Compassion

Upon arrival at Discover Recovery Treatment Center, clients are greeted by our caring staff members and receive a full medical evaluation to determine whether detoxification services are needed.

When necessary, a personalized and highly detailed drug and alcohol detox program will commence. Throughout this process, our medical staff monitors the client around-the-clock to ensure comfort, manage withdrawal symptoms, and to make sure that the patient is safe.

As the body heals, the client’s state of mind will improve, making him or her much more receptive to the therapies and treatments. And it all begins with a safe, compassionate detox.

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