Medical Detox

Discover Recovery offers a transformative approach to detoxification, viewing addiction not as a moral failing but as a challenge to be met with understanding and support. Our client-centered treatment ensures those in recovery face their fears of withdrawal, providing a foundation of respect and care during their most vulnerable moments.

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Our Medical Detox Program

Our Medical Detox Program is a caring and thorough start to recovery. Led by our skilled medical staff, clients get round-the-clock care and support in a peaceful setting.

We customize our program for everyone, aiming to ease withdrawal symptoms and get clients ready for the next step in their recovery. We prioritize safety, comfort, and privacy, helping build a strong base for a future without substances.

What makes our program unique?

Our program tailors every aspect of care to match each client’s journey to recovery. By integrating specialized medical care with extensive therapeutic support, we address the complex psychological aspects of addiction, ensuring a holistic healing process.

This eases the challenges of detox while laying strong foundation for a successful recovery. Our commitment to respect, empathy, and understanding fosters an environment where clients feel supported, valued, and empowered to take control of their lives.

Beyond detox, we offer a path to a new beginning, distinguishing our program with a caring, comprehensive strategy that embraces each individual’s path to wellness. We offer more than just a service, but a holistic, transformative experience.

How It Works

To get started in our Medical Detox Program, follow this three-step process designed to ensure a seamless and supportive journey

Medical Detox Program
Contact Us
Begin by reaching out to us. Our team is ready to listen, available 24/7, and can provide an initial assessment over the phone.
Medical Detox Program
Assessment and Planning

We then conduct a comprehensive assessment and pre-screening to understand your unique needs. This helps us create a personalized detox plan, ensuring the best care is tailored specifically for you.

Medical Detox Program
Start Your Detox

 Once your plan is set, you’ll begin the detox process under our 24/7 medical supervision, ensuring safety and comfort as you take the first step towards recovery.

Best-In-Class Continuum of Care

At Discover Recovery, we do more than just manage symptoms….we transform lives. Using evidence-based therapies and holistic techniques, our programs help to address the root cause of you or your loved one’s addiction and effectively treat it.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy

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Addiction Treatment Program

Our Medical Detox Program minimizes the discomfort of detoxification, priming you or your loved one for a strong start to recovery. The best way to think of detoxification is as a deep cleanse for the body.

Medical Detox Program

Our Medical Detox Program minimizes the discomfort of detoxification, priming you or your loved one for a strong start to recovery. The best way to think of detoxification is as a deep cleanse for the body.

Professional Program

No one should ever have to choose between sacrificing their health and sacrificing their career. Our program makes it possible for patients to focus on getting the proper treatment they require, while still focusing on the responsibilities of their careers.

Dual Diagnosis Program

About half of the people with substance use disorders will also have a mental illness at some point in their lives. Our program aims to address many of the long-term consequences of mental illness occurring together with drug and alcohol use disorders.

Veterans Program

Military personnel experience many more traumatic events than the regular population. Proudly part of the Department of Veterans Affairs Community Care Network, our team provides treatment and support to those who have served our country.

Young Adult Program

Young adults who exhibit substance abuse behavior have shown to be exponentially more likely to become addicted to the substance they’re abusing. Our Young Adult Program adapts to the unique perspectives and struggles that young adults face.

The best way to think of detoxification is as a deep cleanse for the body. It’s a period during which the body rids itself of all toxins and impurities — including alcohol and drugs — and returns to its natural state. Detoxification is the first stage of addiction recovery and aims to sever the ties of physical dependence between the body and a chemical substance. Where a person had previously experienced withdrawal symptoms after a brief time without alcohol or drugs, they would no longer be dealing with those withdrawal symptoms after completing detoxification. Once the client’s initial physical needs are met, detoxification gets them ready to begin receiving actual treatment as part of a drug rehab program.