Aftercare Program

Recovery doesn’t end when the treatment program is complete. The purpose of a treatment program is to reach the tools and skills needed to get sobriety, but most people in recovery participate in an Aftercare Program after completing treatment.

What is Aftercare?

An Aftercare Program is a very important part of addiction recovery. After all, most of our clients spend between 30 and 60 days in our Residential Program, during which time they’re learning valuable skills to help them achieve sustainable sobriety. However, the period of time that’s spent receiving residential care is just a fraction of a client’s lifetime in sobriety. For this reason, most clients leverage a number of resources to help them sustain their newfound sobriety after returning home to their communities. Following a treatment program, an Aftercare Program is when the client plans for sustained recovery by working with staff members to identify and arrange resources to ensure the client’s success in recovery.

What Does Aftercare Offer?

Although it’s possible to be successful in recovery without aftercare, we believe that clients should always take advantage of an Aftercare Program. With aftercare, an individual in recovery can continue to address his or her recovery needs beyond the brief period of treatment, which, in turn, can significantly minimize the likelihood of a future relapse.

There is a range of resources of which an Aftercare Program can be comprised.
However, some of the most common elements of aftercare include:

Counseling or psychotherapy
Referrals to specialists
Twelve-step programs and other support groups
Case management
Financial planning and coaching
Assistance with finding employment
Alumni support

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Our Aftercare Program

The Aftercare Program is an important offering and the final stage of care at Discover Recovery. After completing our Medical Detox Program and Residential Program (or Young Adult Program), clients in our Aftercare Program receive special support that will help them to thrive in long-term recovery.

Aftercare Program

Recovery is a journey, not a destination.

That means staying sober requires consistent motivation and conviction, which is the foundation of an Aftercare Program. When in aftercare, clients receive the support they need to reinforce the skills, tools, and knowledge they acquired while in treatment. The idea is to continue to reinforce newfound sobriety until recovery becomes a natural way of life.

As part of our Aftercare Program, we help our alumni build a solid foundation for lifelong sobriety. It’s a highly individualized experience; no two clients require the exact same aftercare resources, so the program begins with an in-depth assessment. We’ll look back on the client’s time in treatment, reflect on his or her strengths and weaknesses, and then match the client to the resources needed to reinforce his or her newfound sobriety.

Some of the resources we recommend or offer to clients in our Aftercare Program include twelve-step programs, case management, psychotherapy or individual counseling, career coaching, and referrals to healthcare specialists and treatment providers.

The specific combination of resources will depend on the client’s (a) background, (b) progress in recovery, (c) underlying causes of addiction, (d) current circumstances, (e) health needs, and (f) medical and spiritual preferences.

To learn more about the services and support offered as part of our Aftercare Program, we encourage you to contact Discover Recovery today.

Aftercare Services


We work with each client to identify his or her unique needs and make referrals to any needed specialists or providers.

Case Management

For clients who need an advocate, we will help to set them up with the resources they need.

Support Groups

Twelve-step programs and other support groups can be a major asset and a vital part of aftercare.

Addiction Treatment With Compassion

Upon arrival at Discover Recovery Treatment Center, clients are greeted by our caring staff members and receive a full medical evaluation to determine whether detoxification services are needed.

When necessary, a personalized and highly detailed drug and alcohol detox program will commence. Throughout this process, our medical staff monitors the client around-the-clock to ensure comfort, manage withdrawal symptoms, and to make sure that the patient is safe.

As the body heals, the client’s state of mind will improve, making him or her much more receptive to the therapies and treatments. And it all begins with a safe, compassionate detox.

Aftercare Program
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Our Medical Detox Program

Our Medical Detox Program minimizes the discomfort of detoxification, priming you or your loved one for a strong start to recovery. The best way to think of detoxification is as a deep cleanse for the body.

Young Adult Program

This Program has much of what makes our Residential Program so effective, combined with an awareness of the particular needs and preferences that young adults may have when it comes to substance abuse treatment.

Residential Program

Substance abuse treatment is most effective when the patient is in a safe, supervised environment, completely removed from triggers and temptation. This gives the patient the chance to focus on his or her recovery without fear or interference.

Which Holistic Program is for you?

Recovery is more than just putting an end to alcohol or drug use. It’s a journey by which to undo the damage of habitual substance abuse, thereby restoring the body, mind, and soul to a state of lasting health.