Why Go Out of State to Treatment?

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What are the Advantages of Getting Out of State for Drug & Alcohol Treatment?

Discover Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab center in a small town in Washington State. Sometimes families wonder why professionals suggest going out of state to places like Washington for drug & alcohol rehab treatment.  I understand that thought because I never wanted to go out of state for treatment either.  At the same time I never had much success until I DID go to treatment out of my home state.  Going out of state for drug and alcohol treatment does have it’s challenges but there’s also several reasons to work through them.

Force yourself to commit

One of the most basic and obvious reasons to go to treatment in an out of state area is that it limits your options to check out of rehab early.  When I would go to treatment close to home, I would just want to check out after a day or two and call my regular dealer.  Others might want to visit their usual liquor store.  I knew that at any moment I could get my dope, go home to a safe place, and do as I pleased.  When I’m far away from home, that’s simply not an option.  Of course I can still leave rehab, but where will I go if I’m in a small town in Washington? How will I find what I’m looking for?    I can’t call anyone and ask them to pick me up.  A decision to leave treatment becomes much more complicated this way.

Avoid triggers

Another reason to go to treatment out of state is to get away from people, places, and things that remind you of drinking or using.  When you stay near home, you’re more likely to encounter these things.  Maybe you pass by a place that triggers a memory about drinking or using.  Or perhaps an old buddy checks into your treatment center.  I know someone who checked into treatment and found an officer who had arrested him in the past!  Getting clean is hard enough without these little complications.  I suggest getting some time away from substances and learning some coping skills before you go back to these places.  That’s if you have to go back at all! A lot of people in recovery stay out of state after treatment.

Get away from stressful people

Let’s not lie – every addict or alcoholic has dysfunctional people in their lives.  Sometimes one of the best things you can do is remove yourself from this chaos for a bit.  If you stay near home, you’re still going to see these people during visiting hours.  They have the option of finding you in public support group meetings.  Treatment is a time for you to focus on yourself and not on all the people in your life that stress you out.  Having frequent encounters with negative people won’t help you feel better.  The sadness of missing people you care about is sometimes easier to deal with than the stress of seeing them.

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It’s time for change

Checking into treatment in general is the time for change in life.  Psychologists say that literally changing your environment can help you change your mindset.  Seeing a new area, meeting new people and trying new activities helps keep you stimulated and motivated.  Being in a new place can keep you from falling into old habits.  There was even a study in England that followed 12,000 people that showed that being around more grass and plants immediately improved people’s mental health.  Your environment can make an impact on your mind and your recovery.  Going to a new, beautiful space might be the boost you need. Consider going to rehab in a state like Washington that is near the ocean, hiking trails, and a wildlife preserve.

Take advantage of an opportunity 

Going to treatment is an amazing opportunity in itself but it’s also a chance to have guaranteed food, housing, and companions.  Why not see a new a place if you can?  Have you ever been to the ocean?  Have you ever seen a mountain?  Our rehab in Washington has these things and more. Your clean and sober life will involve finding new opportunities, and treatment is a great time to start!

These are just a few reasons that going to drug and alcohol treatment out of state is beneficial.  Getting into a healthier environment with healthier people can help you heal not just your mind, but also your body and soul.  This is what we’re trying to do at Discover Recovery Treatment Center in Washington.  If you’d like to learn more about coming to Discover Recovery’s peaceful treatment center, please contact us!

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