How Long Is Drug Rehab?

How Long Is Drug Rehab

For individuals and families who are battling addiction, one of the most intimidating things about getting help is the length of rehab. Taking several weeks off from work, figuring out how to pay for rehab, and wondering what to tell family and friends can all feel overwhelming. But not getting addiction treatment can have devastating consequences.

 It is tempting to choose short-term rehab programs because they are the least disruptive to normal life. But research shows that long-term rehab is more effective. So, what is the ideal length of rehab? How long should addiction treatment last?

Understanding the length of rehab

It is important to understand that there is no single length of rehab that works for everyone. Each person is unique and their circumstances are unique. Therefore, as expected, their recovery from addiction is different from anyone else’s journey through drug or alcohol rehab. That’s why the best addiction treatment centers in Washington and around the nation offer individualized treatment plans that take into account a person’s situation and also factors like the substance of abuse, the length of the addiction, the severity of drug use, and psychosocial issues.

With that said, to make it easier for recovering addicts to choose between various rehab options, addiction treatment centers offer several basic programs that can meet the needs of most addicts. These are often based on the length of rehab and include 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day programs, as well as extended stays at rehab facilities, halfway houses, and sober living communities.

For many people, the logistics and cost of longer-term rehab can be intimidating and they may be tempted to choose the shortest duration of rehab. However, when selecting a program, it is important to choose the one that gives you the best chance of lasting recovery. Research has shown that it takes approximately 90 days for the brain to rewire after addiction. Studies have also found that longer rehab programs have better outcomes in terms of lasting sobriety. So, while lengthier rehab programs may seem challenging at first, many experts believe they give you the best chance of success.

Benefits of 30-day rehab programs

If it is your first time entering drug or alcohol rehab, a 30-day program is a good starting point. For many people, taking the first step is the most difficult, and the thought of going into rehab for 3 months can be overwhelming. A 30-day rehab program gives recovering addicts the chance to test the waters. It is an opportunity to gain insight into the recovery process and gain confidence about continuing with a longer program. It is also a chance to see if the treatment plan offered by the drug rehab center is working for you, whether you are comfortable with the format of therapy, and whether the staff and facilities are what you expected.

A 30-day rehab program is a sufficient time to go through 1-2 weeks of detoxification and get through difficult withdrawal symptoms under medical supervision. It also gives you a couple of weeks to establish a sober routine and start learning relapse prevention strategies. A 4-week inpatient rehab program can be followed up by outpatient addiction treatment to help you stay on course with your recovery.

Short-term 30-day addiction treatment programs are the easiest to commit to because they are the shortest period recommended for rehab. The added advantages are that the cost of these programs is also usually the lowest and insurance companies will typically cover the costs. For people who have mild to moderate substance abuse disorders, a 30-day rehab program can work well.

Benefits of 60-day rehab programs

For individuals with more severe substance abuse or longstanding drug and alcohol use, a short-term 30-day rehab program is often insufficient. A 60-day rehab program gives such individuals more time and additional support during addiction treatment to learn coping skills and relapse prevention strategies, thus increasing the chances of staying clean long-term.

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A 60-day addiction treatment program allows time for 1-2 weeks of detoxification and management of withdrawal symptoms with round-the-clock medical supervision. This is followed by several weeks of therapy sessions, including individual therapy to work through personal issues, group therapy to learn skills, and family sessions to address psychosocial circumstances that may have contributed to addictive behaviors.

Medium-term 60-day rehab allows recovering addicts to fully detox and actively participate in therapy. It is an ideal length of rehab to develop and practice healthy habits and behaviors and learn skills to identify and manage triggers. The cost of 60-day rehab is, however, as expected, more than short-term 30-day programs. Health insurance may not cover the cost of 60-day programs, but many addiction treatment centers offer deferred payment plans to make rehab affordable.

Benefits of 90-day rehab programs

Research has shown that 90-day addiction treatment programs give recovering addicts the best chance of long-term recovery and a life free of drugs and alcohol. When comparing 1-month, 2-month, and 3-month programs, 3-month rehab programs show the highest success rates. This is because the longer length of rehab and support received during rehab makes it easier to maintain sobriety when a person returns to life in the community.

A 90-day rehab program allows recovering addicts to go through detox and withdrawal in a medically-managed setting, undergo several weeks of intensive therapy in individual, group, and family settings, and participate in self-help groups and aftercare programs. Experts say that it takes around 12 weeks for the brain to get rewired after addiction. Therefore, a 12-week or 90-day rehab program is the ideal length of rehab to adjust to life without drugs or alcohol.

A key advantage of a 90-day rehab program is that it gives recovering addicts the opportunity to strengthen the skills they learn. This helps in identifying triggers, resisting temptations, and managing cravings going forward. A 90-day addiction treatment program is highly recommended for individuals who have severe or long-term substance use disorder.

People who graduate from 90-day programs can enter structured sober living environments as a transition to normal life at home in the community. Halfway houses and sober living homes offer an affordable, alcohol and drug-free environment that gives you the support of peers while you work through your recovery and practice newly learned skills.

Getting addiction treatment in Washington State

At Discovery Recovery Treatment Center in Long Beach, Washington, we offer a range of treatment programs to match the various degrees of addiction people can have. Our short-term 30-day, medium-term 60-day, and long-term 90-day rehab programs are tailored to the needs of each client. We encourage our clients to be patient with the recovery process and to give their mind and body time to readjust to a life free of drugs. We will work with you to choose the optimum length of rehab that will give you the best chance of lasting sobriety, while also being affordable. Call us today to learn about your options and take the first step toward your new life.

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