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Medical Detox Washington: Taking the First Step to Addiction Recovery

Drugs and alcohol have many adverse effects on the human body and brain. These substances drown the body in toxins and chemicals that cause severe cravings and withdrawal symptoms in the absence of the drug or alcohol. That’s why medical detox Washington is so important. It can help rid the body of toxins in a safe manner under medical supervision.

One of the main reasons people are unable to quit substance use is the appearance of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when the drug is withheld. Medical detox is the process of allowing the body to safely come off illicit substances. A variety of addictions to illegal drugs, prescription medications, and alcohol are treated at medical detox Washington. Washington detox centers such as Discover Recovery have trained staff that uses medical detox programs to make lasting recovery a reality for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

In this article, we talk about the importance of medically supervised inpatient detox. We also discuss some of the medications that are used during medical detox Washington. Last but not least, we talk about why alcohol detox and opiate detox at home can be dangerous.

What is Medical Detox?

Detoxification or detox, as the name suggests, is the process of removing toxins from the body. The body performs detox naturally every day through the liver and kidneys. In the case of recovering addicts, detox is a period when the body is allowed to remove toxins (drugs and alcohol) from the system. This is essentially what is accomplished during medical detox Washington.

The goal of treatment at Washington detox centers is to clear the illicit substances from the body safely and comfortably, to manage withdrawal symptoms, and to prepare the client for addiction treatment. Detoxification is primarily of two types – medical detox and social detox. How do you know whether you need social or medical detox Washington?

Medication Management During Medical Detox Washington

Medically-supervised detoxification (medical detox) is performed under the care of trained healthcare professionals who have extensive experience in addiction recovery. At Discover Recovery medical detox Washington, a team of medical and mental health professionals ensures the safety and comfort of clients undergoing detoxification. Healthcare providers are on hand 24×7 to manage any complications that may arise from ending substance use. Also, medications are prescribed during medical detox to ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce drug or alcohol cravings.

There are specific medications that can be used at a medical detox Washington. Medications for alcohol detox help prevent relapse. Similarly, medications for cocaine detox and opiate detox suppress withdrawal symptoms from these drugs.

Social Detox vs Medical Detox

The other type of detox is a social detox. This is quite different from a medical detox Washington. During social detox, the recovering drug user is offered short-term, non-medical support while they end substance abuse. For instance, a person may be offered room, board, and interpersonal support while they quit drugs “cold turkey.” This type of detox is typically less effective than the more hands-on, intensive treatment provided during medical detox Washington. One possible reason is that during social detox clients have continued access to drugs and alcohol. During inpatient detox at Washington rehabs, on the other hand, clients are removed from negative influences.

Studies have shown that inpatient detox is the preferred setting in terms of both client safety and comfort.2 Without medical detox Washington, clients often end up in a never-ending loop or revolving door phenomenon of repeated withdrawals and relapse.3

How Long Does Treatment Take at Washington Detox Centers?

Many factors influence the duration of medical detox Washington, including the type of substance a person is addicted to and the duration and severity of the addiction. Also, the method of abuse (smoking, snorting, swallowing, or injecting) can affect the length of inpatient detox. For example, opiate detox typically lasts 4-10 days, cocaine detox can last 3-5 days, and alcohol detox usually lasts 2-10 days.4

The best medical detox Washington programs customize the program to the client’s needs. This is because each client is unique and their genetic makeup, underlying health conditions, and co-occurring mental illnesses can affect the length of inpatient detox at a Washington rehab. At Discover Recovery medical detox Washington, most clients receive about one week of treatment.

What Medications Are Used During Detoxification

One of the main reasons many addicts are unable to quit drugs is due to the onset of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms usually include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle aches, headaches, sleep disturbance, restlessness, anxiety, hallucinations, and rarely, psychosis and seizures. They can be managed at a medical detox Washington.

The clinical team at the Washington rehab center, Discover Recovery, uses various FDA-approved medications to manage withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox is particularly effective for alcohol detox and opiate detox.

For example, a medication called disulfiram (Antabuse) may be prescribed to discourage alcohol use and prevent relapse during and after medical detox Washington. Antabuse causes unpleasant symptoms like flushing, nausea, vomiting, and palpitations if a recovering alcoholic drinks alcohol. Another medication, acamprosate (Campral), decrease alcohol cravings and helps reduce distress during alcohol detox.

Naltrexone (Vivitrol) is used during opiate detox and alcohol detox to reduce cravings. Methadone is a long-acting opioid that is used for maintenance treatment in opioid addicts. Subutex (buprenorphine) is used during opiate detox to reduce withdrawal symptoms and help stop drug use. The beta-blocker propranolol has shown promise in the treatment of anxiety and restlessness in patients undergoing cocaine detox.5 A medical detox Washington program can help recovering addicts gain access to these medications.

At Discover Recovery medical detox Washington, we use a range of medications to manage withdrawal symptoms. For example, we may prescribe antiepileptic drugs for the treatment of seizures or anti-hypertensive medications to treat high blood pressure. We may also give you anti-nausea and anti-anxiety medications to manage your symptoms. Careful management of symptoms by qualified professionals at Discover Recovery medical detox Washington can take the edge off withdrawal and make it easier and safer for you to come off drugs or alcohol.

Getting Help at a Washington Rehab

Detoxing at home is not recommended. Quitting drugs and alcohol cold turkey without medical supervision at a medical detox Washington may be ineffective and also extremely dangerous. For instance, if alcohol, opioids, and benzodiazepines are stopped suddenly, it can result in severe, potentially fatal complications. Medical detox is a safer alternative and increases your chances of long-term sobriety.

Don’t let the fear of withdrawal prevent you from seeking recovery. The inpatient detox program at Discover Recovery, a top-rated Washington detox center, provides a high level of nursing care and medical monitoring 24×7. Our medical detox Washington program is designed to treat the sub-acute phase of withdrawal and prepare you for the next phase of recovery.

The medical detox program at Discover Recovery Washington rehab will be customized to your unique needs to give you the best chance of lasting recovery. Our team of highly experienced professionals will help minimize your discomfort during alcohol or drug withdrawal and safe cessation of substance use. If you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, get in touch with Discover Recovery medical detox Washington today and take your first step toward a happy, healthy, drug-free future.

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