Top 10 Reasons Why People Use Heroin in America

Top 10 Reasons Why People Use Heroin In America

Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs in existence. It’s also very dangerous and can kill you if not taken properly. But why do people use it? Heroin is a type of opioid, which means that it has some pain-relieving properties. The drug works by binding to special proteins called opioid receptors on nerve cells in your brain and spinal cord. When these receptors are activated, they reduce the number of pain signals that get sent through your body, ultimately relieving pain or discomfort. Some people turn to heroin because they feel like other types of medication don’t work for them anymore – opiates like morphine no longer ease their chronic pain

Easy to access

One of the most commonly reported reasons why people use heroin is because it’s so easy to access from others, family, and friends. There are a number of high schools where drugs were used or dealt with on campus for teens. In fact, one study showed that over 80% of all the high schools in the United States have reported at least one instance of drug use or sales on campus within the prior 12 months. Plus, almost half of parents with children in high school say that they are not comfortable talking to their teens about drugs and alcohol.


Heroin is significantly cheaper to buy than prescription opiates. It only costs about $10 for one 10mg pill, while a single dose of heroin can cost anywhere between $10 to $20. The ease of access is a significant contributor to the


Another reason why people use heroin is that it’s so easily available – there are more opioids prescribed than ever before, and many find their way onto the streets. And since prescription opiates are expensive, some users will turn to heroin to save money.


Since heroin is an opioid, it can produce very similar effects to opioids like OxyContin or Vicodin. These effects include pain relief, drowsiness, and depression of the central nervous system, respiratory depression, and nausea. Some people turn to heroin because they feel like other types of medication don’t work for them anymore – opiates like morphine no longer ease their chronic pain.

Availability (again) and Effects

For people who are serious opiate addicts, heroin is sometimes easier to get than other powerful prescription medications. On top of that, many people become addicted to opioids after taking the drugs for pain management or treatment for an illness. Once these people are addicted, they turn to heroin since it’s the only thing that can help them feel normal after being on prescription opiates for so long.

Mental health problems

Some people use heroin because they’re trying to self-medicate mental health problems like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. This is especially common when these conditions are left untreated or when people can’t afford treatment.

Addiction to other opioids

Finally, some people use heroin because they’re addicted to prescription opiates. Of course, right now, the drug is in high circulation and causing lots of overdoses all over the country, but it’s unlikely that this will continue indefinitely – there are already signs that heroin overdoses are starting to level off.

Social acceptance

Some people turn to heroin because they feel like it’s the only drug that no one will look down on them for using. Users report getting respect and even admiration from some peers after they try the drug.

The act of treating the use as a component that is common has also contributed significantly to its use. According to the CDC, about four out of five new heroin users report having abused prescription pain medications before using heroin. The most common of these drugs are Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and codeine.

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The ease of accepting the drug in the social circle is a factor that has enhanced the usage of the drug. It is important to have an overview of the social set up and how it influences the drug.

The Best Way to Prevent Heroin Use Among Teens

Give teens the tools they need to make intelligent decisions about drug use. This means knowing the facts about drugs, talking with your teen about making good choices, helping them find ways to resist peer pressure, and keeping an open dialogue with your teen, so you know what’s going on in their lives.

Here are some other things you can do to steer teens away from heroin :

  • Provide interesting, engaging activities outside of school for your teen, so they don’t turn to drugs or alcohol when they’re feeling bored or discouraged.
  • Inform yourself on the new drugs that teens might be using—and their effects.
  • Help your teen get involved in positive activities at school and in the community (sports, clubs, volunteer work). Encourage them to avoid drug use when making important decisions like choosing friends or deciding what to do after school or on the weekends.
  • Find out where your teen is hanging out so you know the risks they might be facing.
  • Be mindful of changes in your teen’s behavior or attitude that could signal drug use problems, like mood swings, difficulty sleeping, or changes in eating habits.
  • Teens who are engaged with caring adults and involved in their communities are more likely to avoid risky behaviors than teens who get into trouble or get isolated from friends and family.
  • You may need to monitor your teen’s activities more closely—and be ready for some resistance—if you feel that they’re facing higher-risk situations, like having older friends or spending time with a new group of friends.
  • Get support from other parents in your community so you can help each other and create a network of people who care about preventing teen drug use.

In conclusion, Heroin is a serious issue that needs proper channels of addressing the issue. The situation in the US is dire and there is the need to come up with effective and proper channels which ensure that the correct measures are put in place to address the issue.  Thankfully, Discover Recovery in Washington State is helping those afflicted by heroin addiction who are looking for treatment.


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