Top 10 Podcasts to Support Your Wellness and Mental Health in Substance Abuse Recovery


Substance abuse recovery is a challenging process that requires continuous support and resources. One of the ways individuals in recovery can find encouragement and motivation is through podcasts that focus on wellness and mental health. Listening to stories of others who have successfully navigated the challenges of recovery, as well as insights from professionals in the field, can provide the necessary tools to maintain one’s sobriety. With so many podcasts available, it can be difficult to know which ones best suit your needs. To help, we’ve compiled this list of the top 10 podcasts for wellness and mental health in substance abuse recovery.

1. The One You Feed

Hosted by Eric Zimmer, The One You Feed is a podcast that features interviews with authors, experts, and thought leaders about personal development, mental health, and recovery. By exploring a variety of perspectives, the podcast allows listeners to understand the importance of the “feed” in their lives, which can help them in cultivating a healthy mindset during substance abuse recovery.

2. The Recovery Show

The Recovery Show is a podcast that offers support and information for anyone affected by addiction or recovery, including family and friends. The podcast features interviews with experts and personal stories from individuals in recovery, as well as discussions on topics such as codependency, self-care, and relapse prevention. If you’re looking for a holistic view of what addiction and recovery entails, The Recovery Show is a must-listen.

3. The Addicted Mind Podcast

The Addicted Mind Podcast focuses on understanding the science behind addiction and recovery. Hosted by addiction treatment specialist Duane Osterlind, the podcast provides listeners with expert knowledge on topics such as the brain, behavioral therapy, and mental health. By unraveling the scientific side of addiction, The Addicted Mind Podcast offers an informative and educational resource for those in recovery and their loved ones.

4. Soberful

Hosted by addiction recovery coaches Veronica Valli and Chip Somers, Soberful discusses sobriety, mental health, and personal development in an entertaining and informative manner. The podcast offers information on various aspects of recovery, from managing mental health to cultivating self-awareness, making it a valuable resource for individuals in recovery to rely on through their journey.

5. Recovery Happy Hour

Recovery Happy Hour celebrates life after alcohol. Hosted by Tricia Lewis, the podcast features interviews with individuals who have successfully navigated the obstacles of recovery and embraced sobriety, sharing their stories and offering advice to others on their path. With its casual, relatable tone, Recovery Happy Hour is a great podcast to unwind with.

6. StartUp Podcast

While not a recovery-focused podcast, StartUp Podcast is a relevant and inspiring listen for individuals in recovery. The podcast focuses on the ups and downs of starting a new business, showcasing the learnings, courage, and vulnerability required along the way. The parallels between entrepreneurship and recovery offer valuable lessons for those working on their mental health and sobriety.

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7. The Bubble Hour

Hosted by Jean McCarthy, The Bubble Hour is an open and transparent platform where sober women share their stories of recovery. The podcast provides a supportive space for listeners, offering camaraderie and inspiration for those in recovery. For women seeking connection with others on a similar journey, The Bubble Hour is an essential listen.

8. Mental Illness Happy Hour

By approaching mental health with humor and candor, Mental Illness Happy Hour offers a relatable and comforting space to discuss and connect over mental health challenges. Hosted by comedian Paul Gilmartin, the podcast features interviews with artists, celebrities, and listeners about their mental health struggles, including addiction and recovery.

9. Take A Break From Drinking

Created by certified life coach Rachel Hart, Take A Break From Drinking is a podcast that focuses on changing one’s relationship with alcohol. Hart provides practical tools for reframing the way individuals think about alcohol and its role in their lives, making this podcast a great resource for those seeking new strategies for maintaining sobriety.

10. She Recovers

As the podcast arm of a recovery movement, She Recovers shares heartfelt stories from women who have battled addiction and found their path to recovery. With its supportive and compassionate tone, the podcast serves as a powerful reminder that no one is alone in their journey towards a healthier life.


For individuals in substance abuse recovery, it’s crucial to have access to resources that support their wellness and mental health. Podcasts can provide a convenient way to stay motivated and informed, offering personal stories, expert advice, and helpful tools to navigate the challenges of recovery. With this list of top 10 podcasts, we hope you can find new sources of knowledge, encouragement, and support on your journey.

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