10 Must-Have Apps for Support and Mental Health during Substance Abuse Recovery

Recovering from substance abuse is often an ongoing and challenging process. Along with professional treatment and standard self-help techniques, various apps have been developed to provide support and aid individuals in their recovery journey. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 10 must-have apps specifically designed to target various aspects of substance abuse and promote mental health. These apps can be particularly helpful for those looking to improve their well-being and maintain sobriety.

1. Sober Time

Sober Time is an app that helps individuals track their sobriety by counting days, hours, and minutes since quitting drugs or alcohol. It also provides an intuitive interface with a wide range of motivational messages, quotes, and support forums which users can access to remain inspired to stay sober.

2. MyDx

MyDx is an analytical tool designed to help individuals track their moods, feelings, and symptoms while going through substance abuse recovery. Using the data it collects, MyDx provides personalized recommendations to improve emotional well-being and mental health. The app works by connecting to a sensor device that measures chemicals in the body, providing a comprehensive analysis of physical and mental health.

3. Life Process Program

Created by renowned addiction expert Dr. Stanton Peele, the Life Process Program app is a comprehensive online addiction recovery program. It offers a useful alternative to the traditional 12-step method, using evidence-based treatments and self-directed learning modules to help individuals overcome addiction. The app also connects users to support groups and online discussions held by specialized coaches, creating a virtual community for recovery.

4. I Am Sober

The I Am Sober app allows users to track their sobriety milestones and celebrate their achievements. Providing inspirational quotes, a community forum, and a comprehensive forum of sobriety trackers, the app empowers users to maintain their focus and motivation during their recovery journey. Its progress and tracking features motivate individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue to remain sober.

5. Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a comprehensive meditation app designed to improve mental health and well-being. With over 70,000 guided meditations, the app offers sessions specifically curated for substance abuse recovery. The app also provides meditation courses, community sharing features, and individual progress trackers to monitor your growth and support your recovery journey.

6. Psychiatry-Cloud

Psychiatry-Cloud is an app designed by psychiatrists to help individuals with substance abuse disorders better manage their mental health. The app allows users to securely record their thoughts, feelings, and triggers, and then provides personalized insights and advice. Additionally, Psychiatry-Cloud connects users to online therapy sessions and offers resources aimed at aiding users to better understand their mental health.

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7. Narcotics Anonymous

The Narcotics Anonymous app is an official app by the international fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous, providing users with easy access to literature, events, and online meetings. It offers digital versions of key NA texts, a worldwide meeting locator, and an events calendar, making it a valuable resource for individuals seeking support during recovery.

8. Quit That!

Quit That! is a habit-tracking app that helps users keep track of their progress as they work to overcome addictive behaviors. The app allows users to set goals, calculate their financial savings, and view their progress on a calendar. With its clear and simple interface, Quit That! makes it easy for individuals to stay motivated and committed to their sobriety goals.

9. Talkspace

Talkspace is an online therapy platform that connects users to licensed therapists for one-on-one support through text, audio, or video messages. With a network of thousands of therapists, users can easily find one that specializes in substance abuse and addiction recovery. Custom plans make it a flexible and convenient method to integrate therapy into daily life.

10. AA 12 Step App

Available on Google Play Store, the AA 12 Step App provides users with Alcoholics Anonymous literature, audio talks, prayers, and more. The app also offers a calendar journal to help users keep track of personal progress and a sobriety calculator. This app is a valuable resource for those involved in the AA program.


Substance abuse recovery can be a difficult and trying time for individuals, but utilizing the right resources can make a significant difference in the journey towards sobriety. These apps offer various forms of support and mental health tools, catering to a range of preferences and needs. It’s important to acknowledge that while these apps can be helpful in the recovery process, they should not replace professional treatment and therapy. It’s always best to seek guidance from a licensed professional when dealing with addiction and recovery.

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