12 Step Program Washington

12 Step Program Washington for Addiction Recovery

Many public and private substance abuse recovery programs in the United States use the 12-step philosophy for addiction treatment. This is a treatment model that has had a great influence on substance use disorder treatment in the US and worldwide over the past few decades. In this article, we talk about what 12 step drug rehab involves and how you can find the best 12 step program Washington offers.

What are 12 step programs?

Simply put, 12 step programs are a set of guidelines that were developed by the people who founded Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The philosophy and methods used during this type of addiction treatment have now been adopted by many different organizations and providers. So, you can now enter a 12 step program Washington headed by a standalone mental health professional, private physician, or hospital-affiliated physician. Meaning, a 12 step program Washington is not restricted to AA alone. Millions of people around the world use 12-step based programs to overcome addiction.

If you or a loved one is battling alcoholism or drug addiction, a 12 step program Washington can help you get clean. There are 12 step programs for all kinds of addictions. For example, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, and Debtors Anonymous all use the same 12-step methods. Read on to learn more about what to expect when you enroll in a 12 step program Washington for drug or alcohol addiction.

What are the 12 steps in drug addiction recovery?

Alcoholics Anonymous wrote the 12 steps at a time it was still a fledgling organization in 1938. These 12 steps originally appeared in what is called the AA Big Book. They were developed to aid recovering alcoholics in maintaining sobriety by applying the philosophy of the 12 steps. Here is what you can expect to follow at a 12 step program Washington:

  • I admit to powerlessness over my addiction. I admit I can’t manage my life.
  • I believe in a higher power that can return me to sanity.
  • I turn over my life to this higher power.
  • I am prepared to make an inventory of my morals.
  • I admit my wrongs to the higher power and other human beings.
  • I am ready to allow the higher power to remove these defects in my character.
  • I ask the higher power with humility to help me overcome these defects.
  • I will think of all the people I have hurt and make amends.
  • I will make amends except when doing so may cause further harm.
  • I will continue taking inventory of my shortcomings and promptly admit them.
  • I will seek the understanding of the higher power through meditation and prayer.
  • I will help carry the message of spiritual awakening to other addicts and practice it in all my affairs.

As you can see, a 12 step program Washington is a spirituality- or faith-based addiction treatment model. This approach can be extremely effective for some individuals, especially those who are religious minded. However, a 12 step program Washington may not be effective for everyone. The important thing while choosing a Washington drug rehab center is to ensure that they offer individualized treatment plans. Meaning, in addition to a 12 step program Washington, you should have access to other addiction treatment models as well.

Are 12 step programs effective?

Interestingly, even though 12 step programs have been around for several decades, there is a notable lack of research and scientific evidence about their efficacy. Part of the reason why is that a 12 step program Washington is based on anonymity. As a result, there are no rigorous randomized trials. What’s more, many recovering addicts receive other treatments in addition to the 12 step philosophy and it is impossible to say what part of the rehab was effective. That’s why it’s hard to tell hard just how well a 12 step program Washington works.

Nonetheless, the thousands of success stories from 12 step programs Washington and nationwide suggest that this approach is effective.

Benefits of a 12 Step Program Washington

Addiction is a very lonely disease. Many individuals who are battling substance abuse suffer from feelings of isolation. People with an addiction are often ostracized by friends and family members and find themselves alone. If this is true in your case, the best people who can truly understand what you’re going through are those who have battled addiction themselves. A 12 step program Washington will give you the chance to connect with such people. In other words, if you are struggling with addiction, a 12 step program Washington will give you the encouragement and accountability you need to get clean. Your sponsor and regular meetings at a 12 step program Washington will provide the social support that is essential for you to overcome addiction.

Finding a 12 step program Washington

A 12 step program Washington is usually categorized as aftercare, meaning it is used to support recovering addicts after they have completed medical detox and residential addiction treatment.

Some people with mild addiction may be able to enter a 12 step program Washington directly. However, for most people, especially those with moderate to severe addiction, medical detox and behavioral therapy at an outpatient or residential rehab Washington is necessary. This approach offers a continuum of care with the highest chance of long-term success. A 12 step program Washington can be instituted as part of the ongoing care after the individual graduates from an inpatient drug rehab program.

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