Mission Statement

Our Mission

At Discover Recovery, we aim to be innovators in the treatment and education of those who suffer from addiction, as well as their families.

To do this, we created a safe, secure refuge where we could promote serenity and well-being for our clients. We also developed holistic, person-centered programs for the treatment of substance use disorder, built on a foundation of scientific evidence and proven treatment modalities.

Quality. Authenticity. Recovery.

At Discover Recovery, our goal isn’t to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we aim to (1) effectively stabilize symptoms associated with withdrawal and sub-acute detoxification, (2) address the precipitating crisis (i.e. what led the individual to seek treatment and contributed to the development of a SUD), (3) teach coping skills and strategies for managing high-risk situations associated with early recovery, and (4) develop a comprehensive aftercare plan so that all clients return home with a safe destination for discharge and access to continued care.

Although time spent in detox and residential treatment is crucial, residential treatment is only the beginning. But during this initial phase of treatment, we begin working with our clients to address the feelings that were previously managed through substance abuse, often by extolling the benefits of delayed gratification.

After months or years in the throes of addiction, the first days and weeks of sobriety can be difficult. The pain and suffering that were long masked by compulsive substance abuse often come rushing to the surface as drugs and alcohol are expelled from the body. At Discover Recovery, the management of withdrawal symptoms is a major focus. However, we do not take a punitive approach toward the cessation of substance use. Instead, we provide not just safety but also comfort during detoxification.

To facilitate our mission, we created a safe space for healing, especially during the very volatile period of early recovery. However, much like developing an addiction, nobody achieves sustainable recovery overnight.

Additionally, we endeavor to amend outdated and inaccurate attitudes toward Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and addiction. Those who have become addicted to alcohol, drugs, or even maladaptive behaviors like gambling or sex don’t suffer from a moral deficiency. Rather, addiction is a chronic brain illness that, while incurable, can be treated, which is a fact that’s at the heart of our humanistic approach towards treating those afflicted with addictive disorders.

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Quality. Authenticity. Recovery.

We uphold a set of values to ensure that we provide the best service and support for each one of our clients.
From meal planning to case management, from detox to aftercare, every service that we offer relates back to our core values.

To give you a better understanding of what makes Discover Recovery different from other substance abuse treatment centers,
let’s take a quick look at our seven core values.


Your health and well-being should be in the hands of only the most honest, trustworthy professionals who have your best interests in mind.


Everyone on the Discover Recovery team has a passion for helping people take back their lives by overcoming their addictions.


Honesty, openness, and full transparency are vital to the success of our programs.


Outdated, ineffective techniques have no place at Discover Recovery. Our programs are comprised of cutting-edge therapeutic modalities.


Being an addict is lonely, but being in recovery doesn’t have to be. Join the Discover Recovery family and become part of our community.


We remain true to ourselves, our mission, and our principles.


Our programs are comprised of only the most effective, proven treatments and techniques. The quality of our treatments is second to none.

You Are Not Your Disease

Discover Recovery has a holistic, person-centered approach to substance abuse treatment. Although our programs consist of the latest and most evidence-based practices, our priority is to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms of addiction. Rather than merely helping you get sober, we work with our clients to identify the source of their alcohol or drug problems. As a result, our clients’ chances of sustaining sobriety long-term are extremely high.