Young Adult Program

As many as 1 in every 11 young adults exhibit signs of a substance use disorder (SUD), indicating that alcohol and drug use remain a persistent problem for this age group. In fact, data shows that roughly one-third of young adults regularly engage in binge drinking (i.e. having five or more alcoholic beverages in a row).

Young adults who exhibit substance abuse behavior have shown to be exponentially more likely to become addicted to the substance they’re abusing. That’s where our Young Adult Program comes in, adapting to the unique perspectives and struggles that young adults face.

Youths And Substance Abuse

From the ages of 18 to 26, young adults are in an intense transitional period in their lives, which can be emotionally and psychologically disruptive. In fact, this period is often when people go to college, start serious relationships, move out of their parents’ homes, and take a number of other major steps in their lives.

Meanwhile, the brain goes through a number of natural structural changes that affect rational thought and decision-making. Faced with many new responsibilities (e.g. paying rent, college, finding a job or career, and planning meals), there can be a lot of pressure and stress. As a result, there can be desperation that lead to self-medicating with alcohol and drugs.

Our Young Adult Program

Unfortunately, only about 6.3 percent of young adults suffering from addiction are receiving the care they need.
That’s where the Young Adult Program at Discover Recovery comes in.

Our Young Adult Program is not a distinct program of wholly separate treatments and care. Instead, young
adults receive the same treatments and care as patientsin our Medical Detox ProgramResidential Program, and Aftercare Program.

The main difference between our Young Adult Program and the other programs we offer is that our young adult clients are often dealing with situations and issues that are unique to them. This includes things like college, social anxieties, family troubles, the experience of childhood trauma, and other such difficulties. By addressing these relevant issues and concerns, our young-adult clients have a better chance of achieving sustainable, long-term sobriety.

Depending on the needs of the client, young adult patients often begin treatment at Discover Recovery with a period of medically-supervised detox treatment. In most cases, this lasts for approximately a week, at which point the young-adult client can transition to actual treatment.

Detox Treatments and Services

Medical Supervision

Round-the-clock supervision by our trained, experienced nursing staff is an essential part of the program.

Comfortable Rooms

Spend your time detoxing in comfort and privacy. Our clients enjoy plush, full-sized beds.

Symptom Management

We manage our clients’ symptoms to make the detox process as smooth and painless as possible.

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Empathy. Compassion. Insight.

There are a number of common concerns, problems, and experiences that are particularly common among young adults. These situations can trigger intense emotions that can be quite overwhelming, potentially leading to using alcohol and drug abuse in an attempt to self-medicate.

At Discover Recovery Treatment Center, our staff is uniquely experienced in helping young adults address the underlying issues contributing to their addiction. This includes such topics as:

Compulsive behaviors
Body image
Narcissism and entitlement
Eating disorders
Anger and emotional control

Through process groups, psychoeducational groups, individual counseling, and experiential therapy, our young adult patients learn how to hone their strengths and manage their weaknesses. We cover such topics as identity, self-image, emotional self-regulation, compulsive anxiety, healing from the effects of trauma, and many other things that young adults often deal with.

Addiction Treatment With Compassion

Upon arrival at Discover Recovery Treatment Center, clients are greeted by our caring staff members and receive a full medical evaluation to determine whether detoxification services are needed.

When necessary, a personalized and highly detailed drug and alcohol detox program will commence. Throughout this process, our medical staff monitors the client around-the-clock to ensure comfort, manage withdrawal symptoms, and to make sure that the patient is safe.

As the body heals, the client’s state of mind will improve, making him or her much more receptive to the therapies and treatments. And it all begins with a safe, compassionate detox.

Young Adult Program

The Discover Recovery Experience

The treatment experience is diverse and action oriented. Our goal is to foster a sense of community and comradery in a safe and judgment free environment. We want our clients to feel understood and cared for.

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our holistic programs

Our Medical Detox Program

Our Medical Detox Program minimizes the discomfort of detoxification, priming you or your loved one for a strong start to recovery. The best way to think of detoxification is as a deep cleanse for the body.

Aftercare Program

We work with patients as part of our Aftercare Program to develop individualized plans for continued support and treatment, reinforcing their sobriety as they return home to resume their lives.

Residential Program

Substance abuse treatment is most effective when the patient is in a safe, supervised environment, completely removed from triggers and temptation. This gives the patient the chance to focus on his or her recovery without fear or interference.

Which Holistic Program is for you?

Recovery is more than just putting an end to alcohol or drug use. It’s a journey by which to undo the damage of habitual substance abuse, thereby restoring the body, mind, and soul to a state of lasting health.