Womens Addiction Treatment Center

Women’s Addiction Treatment Center

Are you a woman who is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse? Are you holding back from seeking inpatient detox for various reasons? You are not alone. Many women with substance use disorders are hesitant to go to rehab in Washington because they feel alone and ashamed. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Help is on hand. A women’s addiction treatment center can give you the safe and private environment you need to heal.

Studies have shown that women are more likely than men to face barriers in accessing outpatient and inpatient rehab. What’s more, they are less likely to get care in specialized settings such as residential treatment for women.

However, putting off addiction treatment can lead to irreparable harm. If you need drug or alcohol rehab, every day that you delay getting treatment at a women’s addiction treatment center, you are putting your health at risk and your family’s wellbeing on the line. Many gender-specific interventions are available at rehab and detox in Washington. All you have to do is work up the courage to reach out for help.

Discover Recovery is a leading drug and alcohol rehab facility serving communities in Oregon and Washington State. The highly experienced team of professionals at our women’s addiction treatment center has extensive experience in helping women in recovery achieve long-term sobriety.

Men and Women Approach Drug and Alcohol Rehab Differently

Each individual, irrespective of gender, takes a unique path in life and has different experiences and perspectives. When a person is battling addiction, these life experiences determine how they will face the challenge of inpatient detox or alcohol rehab. But there’s another important factor at play. Research has shown that gender plays a significant role in how an individual approaches rehab or addiction treatment. This is where a women’s addiction treatment center comes in. It can provide the support women need to overcome their addiction and regain a handle on life.

The medical community recognizes that men and women have different approaches to outpatient and inpatient rehab. For instance, a single woman who is a mother may hesitate to enter residential treatment for women because of the fear that she will lose custody of her children. A man who is a father, on the other hand, may be able to seek addiction treatment more easily and without fear since the mother is considered the primary caregiver. A women’s addiction treatment center understands these challenges and provides solutions to them, for example, through a daycare center onsite.

Biological Differences in Men and Women Affect Recovery

There are biological differences in the genders that affect how soon a person develops an addiction and how they react to treatment. Some of the differences between men and women related to addiction are outlined below. These differences underline the need for a separate women’s addiction treatment center at least for some women.

Women experience more pleasurable responses to drugs like cocaine and amphetamines, which means they have an increased risk of developing addiction and needing detox in Oregon or Washington. In other words, women tend to progress more rapidly from the initial experience with drugs to full-blown addiction. The sooner they get enter a program at a women’s addiction treatment center, the better their chances of sobriety.

Women are more likely to self-medicate than men, meaning more women seek treatment for prescription drug detox in Washington.

Women are at greater risk for rapid escalation, i.e., increase in the amount and frequency of substance abuse, which means women need more intensive treatment during drug and alcohol rehab. A women’s addiction treatment center can address this problem.

Side effects of drug use are more severe in women compared to men. As a result, women often need more specialized care during inpatient detox. Without medical supervision at a women’s addiction treatment center, withdrawal symptoms and side effects can quickly become serious, even life-threatening.

Addictive behavior stabilizes at higher doses in women, so when they enter detox in Oregon or Washington, they are more likely to have a severe substance use disorder.

With certain drugs, women suffer more negative effects during withdrawal and have a bigger stress response, underlining the need for gender-specific residential treatment for women. A women’s addiction treatment center understands these gender-specific issues and develops programs that address them.

Last but not least, women are more likely to relapse than men, which means women often end up repeatedly at inpatient rehab facilities. A women’s addiction treatment center develops programs to prevent relapse in women by teaching them critical skills to avoid triggers.

Social Challenges Faced by Women During Rehab in Washington

Besides the biological differences that put women at risk of severe addiction, women also tend to receive less social support at home and on the job compared to men. A women’s addiction treatment center understands what challenges a woman has to overcome to get treatment.

Women are often isolated and unsupported by their partners in their decision to get clean. Also, women are subjected to greater stigma than men. All of these factors put women at greater risk of relapse than men. A women’s addiction treatment center provides a non-judgmental and compassionate environment that allows women to recover without stigma.

Residential treatment for women with a customized treatment plan can address many of the social barriers that women face during substance abuse recovery. At Discover Recovery women’s addiction treatment center, we have a compassionate and highly experienced team of professionals that understands the challenges of being a woman in recovery. If you are a woman in need of inpatient rehab, our counseling and therapy programs can address your specific needs and help you heal.

What to Expect During Residential Treatment for Women?

At Discover Recovery women’s addiction treatment center, we have a created an environment where you will feel secure and supported during recovery. Our clinical team of board-certified physicians and registered nurses will administer an inpatient detox program to allow you to safely withdraw from drugs or alcohol with minimum discomfort. We not only treat the withdrawal symptoms you may experience but we also provide nutritional support and medical supervision to give you a strong start to recovery.

Once you have flushed the drugs or alcohol from your system, we will begin drug or alcohol rehab with a range of behavioral therapies. Counselors at our women’s addiction treatment center will help you develop skills to overcome your addiction and take small steps towards a better future.

Our program doesn’t end with the completion of rehab and detox in Oregon or Washington. We will work with you towards sustained recovery through our aftercare program. Staff members at our women’s addiction treatment center will identify and arrange resources in your community to ensure you can sustain your newfound sobriety.

We can direct you to 12-step programs and support groups where you can learn from the experiences of other women who have faced similar challenges with addiction. We will also arrange referrals to specialists for any health conditions or mental health services you may need. You can also benefit from financial planning services and assistance with finding employment. The alumni support you receive from Discover Recovery women’s addiction treatment center will go a long way in helping you stay sober lifelong.

Discover Recovery Women’s Addiction Treatment Center

The good news is that with medically-supervised detox in Washington, followed by appropriate outpatient or inpatient rehab, women have as good a chance of recovery as men. The key is gaining access to the right program at a women’s addiction treatment center where the therapists understand the challenges unique to women and support them during recovery.

If you are a woman who is battling drug or alcohol abuse, call Discover Recovery women’s addiction treatment center today and find out how residential treatment for women can help you regain a handle on your life.

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