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Washington Women’s Rehab Program: Why is Women-Only Addiction Treatment Necessary?

When it comes to seeking treatment for drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, women often get the short end of the stick. There are various reasons for this, including biological differences between the sexes as well as socio-cultural factors. There hasn’t been a lot of research that has compared women-only drug rehabs to mixed-gender rehabs, but there is strong evidence to suggest that women can benefit from a Washington women’s rehab program.

In this article, we talk about some of the key differences between men and women concerning drug abuse and addiction treatment. We also discuss the advantages of a Washington women’s rehab program and who can benefit from such a program.

Prevalence of Substance Abuse in Women

There are clear differences between men and women regarding alcohol and drug use. For example, women who drink tend to consume less alcohol than men. Women also drink less frequently than men. And they’re less likely to develop alcoholism or drug-related problems.

But it’s not all good news. Healthcare providers at a Washington women’s rehab program can tell you that women progress more quickly than men from the first use of an illicit recreational drug to full-blown addiction. Meaning the risk of developing physical and psychological dependence on drugs and alcohol is higher in women. Also, women report more health-related consequences of alcoholism and drug abuse than men. And substance abuse interferes with functioning in more areas of life for women than men.

This is why a specialized Washington women’s rehab program can help, by addressing all the problems that are unique to women in recovery.

Women and Access to Addiction Treatment

Women who have developed drug addiction or alcoholism face more barriers than men in accessing addiction treatment. This includes economic barriers, i.e., the inability to pay for inpatient drug and alcohol rehab or get treated at a Washington women’s rehab program.

What’s more, women require a greater number of services, such as housing, transportation, income support, and education to make recovery possible. A Washington women’s rehab program is designed to address these concerns and provides comprehensive care to women seeking residential addiction treatment.

Another reason that women are not able to access inpatient detox and residential drug rehab is that they feel a greater sense of shame and embarrassment compared to men, which prevents them from getting treatment at a Washington women’s rehab program.

Also, anxiety and depression are more common and more severe in women. This means a Washington women’s rehab program is often required to provide simultaneous treatment for both addiction and psychiatric conditions.

Last but not least, many women face cultural and social barriers to treatment. Some ethnic groups do not encourage women to seek treatment at a Washington women’s rehab program. Even within the medical community, there are healthcare providers who do not believe residential addiction treatment is necessary or effective for women. Insurance carriers sometimes deny treatment coverage for a Washington women’s rehab program. These are all areas that need improvement and can reduce the impact of substance abuse on women’s lives.

Initiation, Engagement, and Retention in Substance Abuse Treatment

Limited research suggests that women are more likely than men to initiate treatment for substance use disorders, which is great. As far as continuing engagement with treatment is concerned, an important factor is the program’s sensitivity to the needs of women. A Washington women’s rehab program is designed to provide a safe and sensitive place for women to heal and can play a critical role in a woman choosing to continue addiction treatment.

Certain populations such as unmarried women, unemployed women, women with psychological problems, and women with lower incomes are at higher risk of not completing addiction treatment. Again, a Washington women’s rehab program can play an important role in addressing the issues that prevent such women from finishing drug rehab and thus improve outcomes. This is important because studies suggest that women who complete treatment are up to 9 times more likely to remain abstinent compared to women who do not complete addiction treatment.

Addiction Treatment Outcomes in Women

There’s more good news in this aspect of addiction treatment. Research suggests that outcomes from medical detox, outpatient programs, and residential addiction treatment are as good or better in women compared to men. This is all the more reason to seek treatment with a Washington women’s rehab program and boost the chances of success.

Drug and Alcohol Use Relapse in Women

In general, women in addiction treatment are less likely to relapse than men. However, a word of caution here. Women with romantic partners who are substance abusers are more likely to relapse. Also, women with personal problems have a higher risk of relapse. A Washington women’s rehab program can remove a recovering addict from bad influences and life stressors, allowing her to focus on recovery.

Who Can Benefit from a Washington Women’s Rehab Program?

A Washington women’s rehab program is especially effective for certain groups of women, such as women with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and addiction simultaneously. This is because a Washington women’s rehab program provides such women, who are often victims of abuse or sexual assault, a safe and secure environment for healing to take place.

Another group of women who can benefit greatly from a Washington women’s rehab program is pregnant women who may have needs that can be better addressed by a women-only drug rehab program.

Advantages of a Washington Women’s Rehab Program

A key benefit of addiction treatment at a Washington women’s rehab program is that women are assured safety and security as well as a compassionate, non-judgmental, and nurturing environment where they can talk about their experiences and challenges. Another major advantage of a Washington women’s rehab program is that the therapy can be modeled to address the unique and common issues women face, such as poor self-esteem, childhood trauma, sexual assault, or eating disorders, all of which can influence recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

The Washington women’s rehab program at Discover Recovery is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program that includes medical detox, inpatient drug addiction treatment with individual and group counseling, and a range of holistic treatment options, as well as an aftercare program to make a drug-free life a reality for every woman.

If you are a woman seeking a strong support system and evidence-based treatments for alcohol or drug addiction, contact Discover Recovery Washington women’s rehab program today and benefit from positive treatment results.

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