Washington Mens Rehab Program

Washington Men’s Rehab Program: Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

It is said men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and while this may sound like a cliché, there is no doubt that men and women are different, not only biologically but also socio-culturally. Not surprisingly, men and women are different concerning substance abuse and addiction. This is why if you are a man struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, a Washington men’s rehab program could be the best treatment option for you.

In this article, we discuss some of the gender differences between men and women and how they affect drug addiction, alcoholism, and encounters with the criminal justice system. We also outline the advantages of seeking treatment at a Washington men’s rehab program.

Gender Differences and Addiction

Why go to a Washington men’s rehab program? Why not simply choose a co-ed drug rehab facility?

The reason being there are various sex differences in addiction. For example, men are more likely to take drugs and engage in risky behaviors as part of a group than women. Interestingly, men have a slower escalation of addiction, i.e., an addiction to drugs and alcohol develops less quicky after first use than it does in women. However, the addictive behavior gets established and stabilizes at lower doses of drugs in men than in women. These are all factors that are kept in mind while developing a treatment plan at a Washington men’s rehab program. As a result, men who enter a Washington men’s rehab program have a better chance of lasting recovery.

Men and Alcoholism

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances in the United States and around the world. A Washington men’s rehab program for alcoholism addresses the unique issues that surround alcohol abuse in men.

Did you know that men are two times more likely to develop alcohol addiction than women? Comparisons of male and female drinkers in the laboratory have shown that alcohol produces a greater release of the happy hormone dopamine in men than in women. This means men experience more pleasure and reinforcement for alcohol use. These factors need to be taken into consideration during residential addiction treatment. For this reason, the best place to receive treatment for alcoholism in men is a Washington men’s rehab program.

Another important difference between men and women is that men experience more severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The clinical team at a Washington men’s rehab program is experienced in managing the alcohol withdrawal process and any medical complications that may arise. Inpatient detox during a Washington men’s rehab program is essential because severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms (a condition known as delirium tremens) can be life-threatening or fatal without medical management.

Drug Abuse in Men and the Criminal Justice System

Addiction is a treatable medical condition, but most men in the criminal justice system who need residential addiction treatment do not get it. The number of men with access to gender-specific treatment at a Washington men’s rehab program are even fewer.

This lack of availability of addiction treatment has a significant impact on crime rates in Washington. Without treatment, men who use drugs participate in drug-seeking behaviors, illegal activities, and disruptive behaviors, thereby posing a threat to public safety.

It is estimated that one-half of all prisoners meet the criteria for a diagnosis of drug abuse and addiction. These are all people who can benefit from treatment at a Washington men’s rehab program. However, unfortunately, only about 7% of local jail inmates receive addiction treatment during their incarceration. In the state and federal prison system, only 15-20% of prisoners who could benefit from a Washington men’s rehab program receive any addiction treatment at all.

Another factor worth mentioning is that drug users are at high risk for infectious diseases like hepatitis and HIV. Also, drug users frequently have co-occurring psychiatric disorders. A dual diagnosis Washington men’s rehab program can provide treatment for both drug addiction and psychiatric disorders like PTSD, bipolar, or depression. In other words, the lack of access to a Washington men’s rehab program is a missed opportunity for improvement of both public health and public safety.

Benefits of a Washington Men’s Rehab Program

Even though men and women are different physically, emotionally, and psychologically, both genders benefit from residential addiction treatment. However, a Washington men’s rehab program has some additional advantages for men with substance use disorders.

One benefit of gender-specific inpatient drug rehab in a Washington men’s rehab program is that men receive individualized, specialized care that addresses their specific concerns. Many men who attend a Washington men’s rehab program find it easier to relax and bond with fellow residents when the opposite sex isn’t around. Also, a Washington men’s rehab program prevents people from jumping into rebound relationships with the opposite sex, allowing the addict to focus on their recovery. Last but not least, people who do not identify with either gender may have difficulty adjusting in co-ed facilities and do better in a Washington men’s rehab program where there is no gender-specific bathroom, etc. Of course, specialized addiction treatment centers for the LGBTQ+ community are even better for such individuals.

Discover Recovery Washington Men’s Rehab Program

If you are a man struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, the Discover Recovery Washington men’s rehab program can help you get your life back. We are located in scenic Long Beach, Washington, and have comfortable facilities for residential addiction treatment. The clinical team that administers our Washington men’s rehab program consists of board-certified physicians, counselors, and registered nurses with decades of experience. Many of our staff members have battled addiction themselves and understand first-hand the challenges you face.

Your treatment at Discover Recovery Washington men’s rehab program will likely start with a medical detox that will allow you to come off drugs and alcohol safely and comfortably. This will be followed by an inpatient drug rehab program where you will learn skills and coping strategies to stay clean in the long-term. Rest assured that we will not leave you to fend for yourself after you complete the Washington men’s rehab program. Our aftercare program will provide you continued support to help you stay sober.

Don’t delay seeking inpatient drug rehab in Washington. Come join our friendly, supportive, compassionate community of healthcare providers and others like you who are struggling with different types of addiction. The Washington men’s rehab program at Discover Recovery will give you the highest possibility of sustained recovery.

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