Psychotherapy Treatment Washington

Psychotherapy Treatment Washington: The Cornerstone of Addiction Recovery

Psychotherapy or behavioral counseling is the cornerstone of drug abuse treatment. Psychotherapy treatment Washington helps people in recovery modify their behaviors and attitudes, learn skills to handle stress, triggers, and cravings, and remain abstinent for the long-term. Various types of behavioral approaches are used at leading Washington drug rehabs like Discover Recovery. In this article, we introduce you to some of the forms of psychotherapy used during addiction treatment and help you find the best psychotherapy treatment Washington offers.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT is a very common type of psychotherapy treatment Washington rehab centers offer. It is an effective approach for people dealing with nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine abuse, and more. CBT is based on the principle that maladaptive behaviors play a key role in the development of substance use disorders.

During cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy treatment Washington, recovering addicts learn to identify and remedy problematic behavior patterns through a range of learned skills. The goal is to help people learn to anticipate problems and develop effective coping mechanisms. After participating in CBT, recovering addicts can recognize cravings and triggers early and avoid high-risk situations that can lead to relapse.

Research has shown that the skills learned during cognitive-behavioral therapy can be applied lifelong to a variety of situations. This means people who have battled drug addiction in the past can rely on CBT psychotherapy treatment Washington to remain abstinent following the completion of standard addiction treatment.

Contingency Management Therapy

Contingency management psychotherapy treatment Washington is an approach in which recovering addicts are offered tangible rewards for positive behaviors, for example, remaining abstinent for a duration of time. Studies have shown that incentives and reinforcement of positive behaviors are highly effective in encouraging people to stay in recovery and in promoting abstinence from alcohol and drugs.

A popular psychotherapy treatment Washington that is based on motivational incentives is the voucher system in which a recovering addict receives a cash prize or a voucher with a monetary value for every clean urine sample they provide. The vouchers can be used to pay for goods and services, such as food or movie tickets, that are in line with a drug-free lifestyle and healthy living. With every subsequent drug-free urine sample, the value of the vouchers increases, providing an incentive to the person to stay clean for the long-term. A positive urine sample, on the other hand, resets the value of the vouchers to a lower level. Motivational incentives psychotherapy treatment Washington is particularly effective in people battling opioid, heroin, and cocaine addictions.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Motivational enhancement therapy is an effective psychotherapy modality for people who are unsure whether they are ready to stop drug use or seek substance abuse treatment. In other words, this psychotherapy treatment Washington evokes motivational change and strengthens a person’s resolve to quit alcohol and/or drugs. The sessions involve one-on-one counseling with a therapist who stimulates discussion about the client’s drug use and its consequences.

Motivational interviewing principles are used during MET psychotherapy treatment Washington to invoke the urge to change and build a treatment plan. The MET therapist also guides the client on dealing with high-risk situations. During subsequent sessions, drug use cessation strategies are reviewed and the therapist provides continued encouragement to the client to move toward a drug-free life.

MET has been successfully used in problem drinkers to reduce alcohol use. It can be combined with other types of psychotherapy treatment Washington such as cognitive-behavioral therapy for a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment.

Community Reinforcement Approach

This is a type of psychotherapy treatment Washington offers where people with an addiction to alcohol or cocaine enter an intensive 24-week outpatient program. During the program, recovering addicts participate in a range of recreational, social, and familial activities that reinforce a drug-free lifestyle. Also, material incentives are used to discourage drug use. The goal is to help clients develop new skills to achieve and maintain abstinence.

As part of community reinforcement psychotherapy treatment Washington, clients attend 1-2 counseling sessions one-on-one with a therapist every week. These sessions focus on improving interpersonal relationships and minimizing or stopping drug use. Also included in the community reinforcement approach are vocational skills, rebuilding social networks, and new recreational activities.

Medications to reduce alcohol use, such as disulfiram or Antabuse, may be prescribed as part of the CRA program psychotherapy treatment Washington. Clients are required to submit occasional urine samples to monitor abstinence. Vouchers with a monetary value are offered for each clean sample submitted as a form of motivation to stay clean.

12-Step Programs

Twelve-step programs are a type of psychotherapy treatment Washington offers where recovering addicts actively engage with a self-help group that promotes abstinence. The three underlying principles of 12-step programs include, first, acceptance that addiction is a chronic disease over which one does not have control; second, surrendering to a higher power and accepting support from other group members; and third, actively engaging in 12-step meetings and activities to stay sober.

The effectiveness of 12-step psychotherapy treatment Washington is well-established for alcohol addiction. However, preliminary research has shown that these programs can also be effective for other types of substance abuse.

Family Behavior Therapy

Addiction is a complex disease that affects not only the person using drugs or alcohol but also their family members. Family psychotherapy treatment Washington addresses the client’s substance abuse as well as co-occurring problems such as depression, family conflict, child mistreatment, behavioral problems in adolescents, and unemployment.

During family therapy sessions, the therapist engages at least one other member of the client’s family in behavioral strategies. New skills are taught to improve the environment at home. Every member of the family is encouraged during this psychotherapy treatment Washington to develop behaviors that prevent substance abuse. Recovering addicts who are parents are prompted to set parenting goals and instructed in healthy parenting strategies. A range of additional evidence-based treatments is used to support families in recovery. Studies show that family behavior therapy is especially useful when adolescents are involved.

Psychotherapy Treatment Washington at Discover Recovery

Discover Recovery Treatment Center, located in Long Beach, is a leading residential drug rehab facility in Washington State. We offer psychotherapy treatment Washington for a range of substance use disorders. Our highly experienced clinical team consists of masters’ level counselors, many of whom have themselves battled addiction and understand first-hand the challenges recovering addicts face.

If you or a loved one could benefit from the various types of psychotherapy treatment Washington offers, get in touch with us at Discover Recovery today. We will develop a customized treatment plan for you, depending on the duration and severity of your addiction, the substance of abuse, and your psychosocial circumstances. Along with psychotherapy treatment Washington, we use other evidence-based addiction treatment modalities such as medical detox and FDA-approved medications to make recovery smoother and lasting sobriety a reality for you or your loved one.

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