Drug Addiction Treatment Center Washington

Drug Addiction Treatment Center Washington

Drug addiction is a complex medical condition that affects virtually every aspect of a person’s life, including work, school, family, and community. Because of the complexity of the disease, effective drug addiction treatment involves many components. The best rehab centers in Washington State focus not only on an individual’s drug use but also on providing comprehensive care that helps restore the person to a productive member of the family, workforce, and society. The residential treatment Washington rehabs provide enables addicted individuals to achieve and sustain recovery and experience the rewards of abstinence in the long-term.

If you or a loved one needs addiction treatment Washington State offers some of the best rehabs in the US. Discover Recovery, a nationally-accredited drug addiction treatment center in Washington, has a range of programs for people struggling with substance abuse.

In this article, we talk about the principles of treating substance use disorders as well as the different types of drug addiction treatment programs and their effectiveness.

Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is a complex, but treatable disease that affects the brain’s structure and function. The changes that occur in the brain during drug abuse can persist long after a person stops using the drugs. This explains why people can relapse to drug use many years after quitting. The first principle of drug addiction treatment, therefore, is that remaining abstinent is a lifelong commitment. Recovered addicts need ongoing care to stay clean. That’s why leading rehab centers in Washington State like Discover Recovery offer aftercare programs with continued support. This aftercare is critical for sustained abstinence from drug use.

It is worth noting that no single outpatient or residential treatment Washington rehabs offer is appropriate for everyone. The type of drug addiction treatment depends on the substance of abuse, the duration and severity of the addiction, and the presence of co-occurring mental health conditions as well as the patient’s psychosocial environment. That’s why top addiction treatment Washington facilities like Discover Recovery offer individualized treatment plans that address the client’s unique needs, including their medical, psychological, social, vocational, financial, and legal needs.

Another principle of drug addiction treatment is that remaining in treatment for a sufficient amount of time is essential for a successful recovery. On average, it takes a minimum of 12 weeks of treatment for addicted individuals to significantly reduce or stop drug use. To this end, residential treatment Washington rehabs like Discover Recovery provide inpatient programs with round-the-clock medical monitoring and intensive care. Clients live on-site in a spacious and comfortable facility for several weeks where they can focus on recovery. This approach gives recovering addicts the best chance of successfully quitting drug use.

Last but not least, behavioral therapies, including individual counseling, group therapy sessions, and family therapy are effective forms of drug addiction treatment. Research has shown that these modalities, which are commonly used during addiction treatment in Washington, motivate a person to quit drug use, build skills to resist drug use, replace drug use with constructive activities, and improve interpersonal relationships.

Types of Addiction Treatment at Rehab Centers Washington State

Over the past few decades, drug addiction treatment has evolved and diversified into various types of programs and continues to do so. Some of the best rehab centers in Washington State offer programs that do not fit into traditional descriptions. However, most substance abuse treatment programs start with detoxification which is frequently the first stage of treatment. During medical detox, the body is allowed to clear itself of drugs while a medical team monitors the patient and manages withdrawal symptoms. The medical detox program at Discover Recovery is administered by an experienced team of healthcare professionals and is designed to give clients a strong start to recovery.

Detox alone does not address the psychological, social, ad behavioral problems associated with addiction. Once a person has completed detox, it is usually necessary to enter outpatient or inpatient rehab to ensure lasting abstinence and reduce the risk of relapse. Residential treatment Washington rehabs offer include 24-hour care in a therapeutic community. The focus is on developing responsibility and accountability and the skills a person needs to lead a productive life free of drugs.

After the completion of outpatient or inpatient treatment, an aftercare program can help ensure continued abstinence. The aftercare program at Discover Recovery, one of the best rehab centers in Washington State, is designed to provide continued support to clients as they transition from treatment to sober life. Staff members work with clients to identify resources in the community that can help maintain sobriety. The idea is that residential care is only a fraction of the client’s sober lifetime, and most people will need ongoing support to help them sustain sobriety as they return to normal life in their communities.

How Effective is the Addiction Treatment Washington Rehabs Offer?

The goal of drug addiction treatment is to stop drug abuse and return a person to leading a productive life. Most people who receive treatment for drug abuse can stop using drugs. The relapse rate for addiction is comparable to many chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure. Substance abuse treatment not only reduces or stops drug use but also improves a person’s psychological and social wellbeing, occupational functioning, and family life. Individual treatment outcomes can vary depending on the severity of the addiction, the effectiveness of the treatment program, and the rapport between the client and the treatment providers.

At Discovery Recovery, one of the leading facilities for addiction treatment in Washington, we offer multiple levels of care to meet the needs of each client. Our program takes a holistic approach to address the underlying factors that contribute to substance abuse. We use a combination of medications (when available) and behavioral therapies to work on the different aspects of addiction. This multidisciplinary approach is proven to be more effective than any single modality alone.

If you or a loved one needs residential treatment in Washington, get in touch with Discover Recovery today and start your journey towards a healthy, happy future. The staff at our drug addiction treatment center Washington are eager to help you become the best version of yourself.

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