Addiction Treatment

Discover Recovery provides comprehensive care for various substance dependencies, including alcohol, meth, marijuana, and prescription drugs. By emphasizing a personalized approach, the program offers detox, therapy, and long-term recovery support.

Addiction Program

Our Addiction Treatment Program

Catering to a range of substance dependencies, including alcohol, meth, marijuana, and prescription drugs, Discover Recovery’s program employs a blend of medical detox, counseling, and life skills training. It prioritizes individual needs, offering unique recovery paths and support systems, fostering both physical and psychological healing. 

We focus on individualized treatment plans, incorporating group therapyfamily counseling, and life skills training. Emphasizing a holistic approach, the program also includes wellness activities to foster physical and mental recovery

What makes our program unique?

The uniqueness of Discover Recovery’s program lies in its tailored approach to addiction treatment, combining traditional and innovative therapies. It offers a nurturing environment, supportive community, and a comprehensive care continuum.

Our program stands out for its focus on long-term recovery, preparing clients for life post-treatment with relapse prevention strategies and support networks.

Addiction Program
Medical Supervision

Round-the-clock supervision by our trained, experienced nursing staff is an essential part of the program.

Addiction Program
Comfortable Rooms

Spend your time detoxing in comfort and privacy. Our clients enjoy plush, full-sized beds.

Addiction Program
Symptom Management

We manage our clients’ symptoms to make the detox process as smooth and painless as possible.

Best-In-Class Continuum of Care

At Discover Recovery, we do more than just manage symptoms….we transform lives. Using evidence-based therapies and holistic techniques, our programs help to address the root cause of you or your loved one’s addiction and effectively treat it. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy

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Dual Diagnosis Program

About half of the people with substance use disorders will also have a mental illness at some point in their lives. Our program aims to address many of the long-term consequences of mental illness occurring together with drug and alcohol use disorders.

Medical Detox Program

Our Medical Detox Program minimizes the discomfort of detoxification, priming you or your loved one for a strong start to recovery. The best way to think of detoxification is as a deep cleanse for the body.

Professional Program

No one should ever have to choose between sacrificing their health and sacrificing their career. Our program makes it possible for patients to focus on getting the proper treatment they require, while still focusing on the responsibilities of their careers. 

Trauma Therapy Program

The stress caused by witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event can lead to a variety of psychological and physical symptoms. Our programs help survivors learn to stop being stuck in the traumatic past and to look toward the future with hope.

Veterans Program

Military personnel experience many more traumatic events than the regular population. Proudly part of the Department of Veterans Affairs Community Care Network, our team provides treatment and support to those who have served our country.

Young Adult Program

Young adults who exhibit substance abuse behavior have shown to be exponentially more likely to become addicted to the substance they’re abusing. Our Young Adult Program adapts to the unique perspectives and struggles that young adults face.

Addiction treatment is a process that helps individuals overcome substance use disorders. It’s essential for addressing not only the physical aspects of addiction but also the psychological and emotional facets. 

Treatment provides the tools and support necessary for individuals to break free from the cycle of addiction, improve mental health, and rebuild their lives. It’s vital for preventing relapse and promoting long-term recovery, ensuring a healthier, more stable future.